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Jul 14, 2010 01:31 PM

Restaurants in Jacksonville, NC

I'm traveling to Jacksonville, NC to visit my Marine son at Camp LeJeune -- any suggestions for good restaurants in that area?

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  1. Wheewww. I did that for 4 years. God Bless your son and all the men and women he serves with to protect our great nation. What battalion is your son in. My son was in 2/2. Good luck to him.

    I'm afraid you don't have a lot of choices. Will you have a car. I assume you will. You need to visit Morehead City, Beaufort and Atlantic Bech which are around 40/50 miles NE of Jacksonville. There is absolutely nothing to eat in Jacksonville except fast food chain restaurants. I don't know of a single fine restaurant in the city. I'm sure there are quite a few ethnic places like spanish, asian, etc. Seems like there's one thread on Jacksonville on CH.

    If you are interested in knowing more about Morehead City and Beaufort post back. Beaufort is a splendid little city. Good luck to you and your family.

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      Thanks. We will have a car and looking at the map going to Morehead City or Beaufort is much better bet than staying in Jacksonville. Can you tell me more about these places and any good restaurants?

    2. Jacksonville, while not great, is not totally hopeless-there is Old Siam, which is a very good Thai restaurant. Also, try the Riverview in Sneads Ferry, but get there early for lunch....

      The Old Siam
      1215 N Marine Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28540

      1. There are a couple of choices in Jacksonville that I would recommend.

        1) The Old Siam - This is the absolute best Thai that I've had...anywhere (and it's in Jacksonville...go figure). There are a couple Americanized dishes to steer clear of (like the Chicken Volcano), but most everything I've had there has been stellar. Some favorites are the Spicy, Basil Fried Rice with Chicken; Panang Curry; and the best Duck Basil I've ever had. Eddie spoiled us so much, I can't find Thai that I like anywhere else...even where I live now around Charleston. Everyone here fawns over Basil, but Old Siam is so much better (we don't go to trip was enough).

        2) Shogun for sushi - Shogun is your typical hibachi steak house, but they have a good sushi bar. My regular order there was the Omakase. "Large" sashimi plates around Charleston will consist of 15-18 pieces of fish for $25 to more than $30. At Shogun, my Omakase always had 30-35 pieces of fish for basically the same price. Again, we were spoiled.

        There's also Oak Wood BBQ over by Catherine Lake and close to the airport. It's an out-of-the-way, Thurday thru Friday lunch place...but a decent example of authentic NC bbq.

        It's not hopeless in Jacksonville.

        The Old Siam
        1215 N Marine Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28540

        1. Jay L please don't let me inerefere with your Jacksonville recomendations but I never could find anything that I was looking for. I knew there were a lot of ethnic restaurants but that's not my taste. I wish you the best. Have you heard of a local dive on the S side of Camp Lejeune at Snead's Ferry called River View Restaurant at 119 Hall Point Road, Sneads Ferry, NC‎ 910 - 327 - 2011‎. It's supposed to be good seafood but I have not been there. I went by it a few times though.

          Pyandermeer here are a few Morehead and Beaufort recomendations. Ruddy Duck Tavern, Chef 105 for lunch and dinner, Shepard's Point for lunch and dinner, good burgers and Floyd's 1921 for good food in an old house. In Beaufort there's Beaufort Grocery and Blue Moon Bistro for fine dining, Front St. Grill and Clawson's for lunch and dinner and Cru for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have a great trip.

          Ruddy Duck Tavern @ 509 Evans St., Morehead City, NC 252 - 726 - 7500.
          Chef 105 Restaurant @ 105 South 7th St., Morehead City, NC 252 - 240 - 1105.

          Shepard's Point @ 913 Arendell St., Morehead City, NC 252 - 727 - 0815.

          Floyd's 1921 @ 400 Bridges St., Morehead City, NC 252 - 727 - 1921.

          Beaufort Grocery @ 117 Queen St., Beaufort, NC 252 - 728 - 3899.

          Blue Moon Bistro @ 119 Queen Street, Beaufort, NC 252 - 728 - 5800.

          Clawson's 1905 Restaurant @ 425 Front Street, Beaufort, NC 252 - 728 - 2133.

          Cru Wine Bar @ 120 Turner St., Beaufort, NC 252 - 728 - 3066.

          Front St. Grill @ 300 Front St., Beaufort, NC 252 728 - 3118.

          There's some BBQ @ Roland's BBQ @ 1507 Live Oak St., Beaufort, NC 252 - 728 - 1953.

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          1. re: Littleman

            I've been to River View. Decent, but not awe inspiring.

            Comments on two places Littleman recommended:

            1) Shepard's Point - Morehead City - I'd go here to eat anytime. I have no problems with this place. The beef tartar is the best I've ever had. The owner also owns Beaufort Grocery across the bridge in Beaufort, but we much prefer Shepard's Point.

            2) Roland's BBQ - Beaufort - Not worth the trip. This is the only bbq option in the area, and it truly is a shame.

            Shepard's Point
            913 Arendell St, Morehead City, NC 28557

            1. re: JayL

              Jay L on Rowland's that's why I didn't make much about it. I just said there's some BBQ at Rowland's. I can cook better BBQ than most restaurants but it's a lot of trouble. So most BBQ restaurants don't ring a bell with me. If it's smoked it all tastes the same. If it's cooked in an oven you can't eat it. If it's smoked I try to bear the pain. Is Rowland's smoked? Do you know?

              Check out Front St. Grill in Beaufort Jay L. It's nice. Good luck.

              1. re: Littleman

                Roland's is not smoked...gas all the way.

                I've been to Front St. Grill. I'm an eastern NC native. Lived & owned a restaurant on Harkers Island for 6 years...lived & managed a restaurant in Morehead City for a couple years prior to that.

                1. re: JayL

                  Good luck to you Jay L. Thanks.

          2. I grew up in jville and come here fairly often from NY to visit my mother. the best restaurant I have discovered is Marrakesh on western blvd. it is Middle-eastern / Moroccan / Mediterranean --kebabs, labna, foul. the salmon, chicken, meats and veggies on the kebabs are grilled, and all the middle eastern dishes are spiced perfectly. as someone who eats a lot of middle eastern and Mediterranean in NY, this would be a gem even it it was there. BTW, this is for other people browsing this board for Jacksonville Nc...the pickings are slim.