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Jul 14, 2010 01:12 PM

best place to buy sausage at St Lawrence Mkt?

Have never purchased any there before - wondering if anyone has a favourite spot/flavour etc. Thanks! (edit - I meant the south "everyday" market).

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  1. Sausage King (west wall of south market) is good - and on Saturday on the east wall of the North Market is a great place called El Gaucho - lots of samples available.

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    1. re: ElizabethS

      I agree on Sausage King. Although, I've only had thei pork and leek, which I always find tasty.

      El Gaucho, though, was a big disapointment for me, given the frequent raves. I found the sausage too salty, and I didn't like the texture. I prefer my sausage with a coarser grind. I forget the variety I purchased from them...but it was too uniform in texture (and no, it wasn't an emulsified filling to begin with).

      I prefer the sausage from the pork vendors directly SW from El Gaucho. They've got lots to sample from.

      You can always buy a couple from each place. EAch person has different tastes.

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        Thanks for the replies. I tried some sausage from my usual place to get meat (la boucherie) but it wasn't very good. I'll try to get myself to the Sat market this week :)

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          I agree on Sausage King too, and I've tried nearly everything on offer. I'm a big fan of the pork and fennel, as well as the lamb.
          I also love the duck sausage, it's so classy for a sausage.
          Oh, and the dried pepperettes are also top notch.

      2. I really like Gaucho, but I've only tried sausages from them and European Meat Market (I dont think they have a stall in SLM though) so I can't really compare them to the other vendors, like Sausage King. I enjoyed their hot chorizo, french champaign, North African lamb, and tuscany with tomatoes and anchovies. I heard their veal-and-spinach sausages are amazing. They have a shop on College Street as well, and the service was really friendly, informative, honest, and patient.
        Duck sausages sound pretty darn tasty though...perhaps I'll pick some up for the next bbq

        College Street Bar
        574 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B3, CA

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          The Sausage King is very reliable and has a great selection. However, our personal favourites are from Witteveen - the deceptively simple Chicken with Sea Salt & Pepper. Always juicy perfection.