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Aug 7, 2005 03:03 AM

Philly's Best - Santa Clarita - For Valley folks - you gotta go

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Ventured out today to my second visit to the new Philly's Best in Santa Clarita. This is the only location in the successful chain outside of Orange County. Having driven many times from Studio City to the former closest location in Fountain Valley, I was overjoyed when this branch opened two weeks ago.

The cheesesteak was perfect. Tons of meat, great tasting cheese, FRESH Amaroso rolls flown in from Philly - actually I believe all the meat and cheese is brought in from Philly as well. I was happy to see the place was PACKED at lunchtime. The owners of the franchise, Pat and Kim were as nice as can be - they went around to each table asking what people thought, if they needed anything, etc. You don't see that too often these days.

Anyway, I know I'll be back soon and if you're in need of a cheesesteak fix (and great cheese fries as well) and are in the SF Valley area, take the twenty minute or so ride into the hot Santa Clarita Valley. This place puts South Street (awful!!) and other places SUPPOSEDLY serving Philly Cheesesteaks to shame. Can't wait till they open one closer in the SF Valley.

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    1. re: Jess

      Philly's Best - Santa Clarita, CA
      22913 Soledad Canyon Road
      Santa Clarita, CA 91350

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      Steve Doggie-Dogg

      Have you tried Final Score? They just moved to Canyon Country, and I'm itching to hear how their new expanded menu is.

      See ya


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      1. re: Steve Doggie-Dogg

        they only moved up the street on lyons, give them awhile, they computerized and it isn't going well, not only did i not get my correct order, i didn't even get the sandwiches that were on the tag in the bag. They've added pizza, pasta and soup.

      2. I went to college in Philly, and ate more cheesesteaks than I could possibly count. For all of the L.A. things that I could not get back in Philly, a good cheesesteak is the one Philly treat that has been nearly impossible to duplicate out here.

        There was a place called Philadelphia Connection in Pasadena, then in Monrovia, which was the real deal but it's gone. I would not call South Street awful, just overpriced (but it's the closest to filling the need).

        I noticed that a "Philly's Best" is slated to open soon in San Dimas, near my girlfriend. She pointed it out to me. I was skeptical, as I am of anyplace claiming to make a Philly cheesesteak, but if this place is related it sounds like it could be the real deal. I'm anxious to find out now.

        Do they serve criss-cut fries, too? That would be too good to be true.

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        1. re: Jack Flash

          Wow - I saw the "Opening Soon" sign a number of weeks ago and was expecting it to be one of those places that claims to be authentic while they heat up steak-ums. This is exciting that it could be authentic AND actually have enough of a crowd to keep it open. It seems like all of the independent good fast food in Santa Clarita goes unnoticed --- anyone remember the Coupla Weenies place in the industrial center, or Luca's?

          1. re: Robb

            Well, went to go try it out seems like the real deal. Lots of Philly paraphenelia on the walls, lots of things like TastyKakes, Philly-based potato chips, drinks (Franks, Hanks, etc) for sale. Steaks have white american (as they should) but also have cheese-wiz available as a nice option. All of which goes on Amoroso rolls. Nuff said.

            The fries were nothing special, not particularly bad or great. About as good as your run-of-the-mill fresh cut potatoes get. They'd probably be better if I got them as cheese fries, because I saw them dump about a gallon of hot melted cheese whiz on the next guy's order and it looked goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood (you have to say it like the emperor in Star Wars to get the picture).

            Welcome Philly's Best - we need more stuff like this in the good ol' SCV. =)

            Until next time,


            1. re: Robb


              Glad you went. I went for the cheese fries and they were goood!!

              I too frequented The Philadelphia Connection in Pasadena/Monrovia and was disappointed when they closed. However, I think this Philly's Best is the "real deal" and better than the Philly Connection.

              I hope they do enough business to stay around. The other locations in the OC seem to be doing well but we'll have to see if this first location in the Valley area will make it. I sure hope so.

              1. re: rockhead

                Were the fries criss-cuts?

                Without question, criss-cuts work best for cheez fries.

                1. re: Jack Flash

                  Nope - no criss-cut fries.

                  By the way, I think I used to go to that place in was right across the street from Lucky Boy's right? In the strip mall?

                  That place was very good too.

                  1. re: Robb

                    Yes, it was across the street for Lucky Boy. I frequented it often. Then they moved to Monrovia and went out of business within a few months. It didn't travel well and I was very unimpressed when they moved. The sandwiches were skimpy at best and the prices much higher.

          2. re: Jack Flash

            I too was a fan of The Philadelphia Connection and was disappointed when they closed. I have to disagree with you on South Street. I SO MUCH wanted it to be great as it's the closest place for Cheesesteaks. Couldn't wait for it to open in Burbank. We tried it the first week and it was just OK, though horribly overpriced as you mentioned. Each time I went back, it got worse and worse. I went a few months back and the cheesesteak was absolutely terrible. I threw it all away - the taste was rancid, disgusting and inedible. I'll never go back.

            Try the Philly's Best when it opens in San Dimas. However, be forewarned, this is a franchise location so it might be hit or miss. The original Philly's Best are owned by the founding family, however all newer locations are franchises. It just so happens the location in Santa Clarita is terrific and the owners are very concious of operating the site like one of the originals. Don't know how the owners will be in San Dimas, tho. Give it a try.

            I don't remember seeing criss-cut fries on the menu, however they do serve great cheese fries!!

            This isn't just anyplace that says they serve Philly Cheesesteaks. I've been to so many of those I've lost count and most have been horrible and not authentic in the least bit. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

            1. re: rockhead

              Well, I'll certainly be giving it a try. Hope it opens soon!

              I must say that I've never been to the South Street in Burbank. Been to the one in Westood a couple of times, and maybe it was just because it was the closest thing I'd had in years...but it seemed OK though overpriced.

              For a short time, there was one on Hollywood Blvd., across from the Egyptian Theatre. I went there a couple of times and was not disappointed. However, I was the only customer I ever saw in there, and I guess they couldn't make a go if it in the location. You'd think otherwise...but then again, when it costs ten or twelve bucks for a meal that should cost about 7, you're asking for trouble.

          3. s
            Sunshine Girl

            Amoroso's...yum. Any chance they sell just the rolls? And do they do any variations on "hoagies"?

            Now, if only they had scrapple....

            1. I work near the Tustin shop. very good cheese steaks. the italian hoagie is very good with their pepper sandwich spread (I actually like the hoagie better). I pick them up for people at work and use theirs toward my buy 10 get 1 free.