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Jul 14, 2010 12:09 PM

Food shopping in Lake George

My parents are treating the family (3 married kids + 6 grandkids) to a week @ Lake George. I will probably end up doing most of the cooking...can anyone reccomend good markets for seafood, cheese, bread, or other specialties?

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    1. Oscars is great for smoked meat and cheese, and there is another store in Warrensburg which calls itself the Meat Store of the Adirondacks, or something like that. Just go about six or seven miles north of Lake George on Route 9. I don't think Oscars carries bread and the other grocery sundries. There is a seafood store in Hudson Falls; have no information as to its quality, although it advertises heavily. You might want to consider bringing some of your own stuff up from whereever you are from. It's a little sparse in the North Country for good gourmet supplies.

      1. Sorry, I need to add some info to my earlier response. Assuming you are going to Lake George on Interstate 87, get off at exit 19. Turn right and proceed to the intersection with Route 9. Turn South on Route 9, and about 3/4 of a mile or so, on the right, will be a Price Chopper megastore. They can pretty much supply most of what you might need for a week long hiatus in Lake George. As you exit from that Price Chopper, go north on Route 9, don't bother going back on Interstate 87, and just run Route 9 North into Lake George. That route also takes you past a bunch of shopping outlets, if you are so inclined.

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          Maybe OP should stop at Roma in S. Springs (exits 13 - 15). Maybe Mrs. London's (French pastry).

          gimlis1mum might want to bring a cooler!

        2. While near Oscar's, go a bit further down the main drag and get your basic provisions at the Grand Union supermarket in Warrensburg. Much better selection and better prices than Price Chopper.