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Jul 14, 2010 11:55 AM

Fauxtato salad

Maybe I reinvented the wheel and subbing butter beans for spuds in potato salad is the national dish of Pashminastan, but I had the inspiration to do this and like the results. I soaked and cooked "large dry lima beans", which is the dry version of what's called butter beans if they are canned. Note: this is NOT the same pale green lima that is sold frozen on its own or in succotash. The larger, whiter bean is mild and creamy. I've adopted Cook's Illustrated's method of putting the vinegar and/or pickle brine onto the hot potatoes to season them, and wanted the same seasoning effect with the beans, so I boiled rather than simmered for part of the cooking time, in order to make sure the skins split. I assume that the brine won't permeate intact skins very well. I liked the end result very much. Blindfolded, I'd have a hard time telling this from regular potato salad. More protein and fiber, and I assume the fauxtato salad won't spike blood sugar the way potatoes do.

Next time I will try navy beans, for the sake of quicker hot weather cooking time. The texture won't mimic regular potato salad, though. I will try canned butter beans for German Ersatzkartoffel Salad, because in this case the liquid in the can should be a partial shortcut, standing in for the flour thickening.

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  1. That sounds pretty cool! I'll have to give it a try.

    1. Please do tell....what was your dressing made of?

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        I rarely measure or follow recipes exactly, and in this case the subbing of bean for potato is the main point. I used mayo, pickle juice, vinegar, celery, onion, pepper, chopped pickles, and paprika. So typical potato salad ingredients.

        Now thinking up other possibilities like butter/lima beans for home fries and fauxtatoes au gratin. It would be easier all around to buy dry beans with their indefinite shelf life than to keep tabs on a bag of spuds to be sure they aren't rotting/sprouting/making solanine. Healthier and probably cheaper, since a pound of dry beans at $1-1.35 makes what, about 3 lbs cooked (guessing here)?

        1. re: greygarious

          Nice- just wanted to make sure that we were on the same wavelength. :) Always made my bean salads with vinaigrette-type have a new idea in my stash! Thanks!

      2. I wonder if you can use sliced steamed cauliflower stems, since mashed cauliflower sometimes subs for mashed potatoes.

        Pashminastan: where people scarf their food.

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          Good one. :-)

          I know that cauliflower and turnips can sub for mashed potato but don't mimic the flavor convincingly, if you ask me.

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            thanks, small_h--I've been waiting for one of your puns for quite some time.

            1. re: nofunlatte

              greygarious gave me an awesome setup, so I can only claim half credit.

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                I can't claim credit on this one - I slightly misremembered it from the famous New Yorker cover: