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Jul 14, 2010 10:54 AM

KFC's Double down fails to attract fans

Does this mean that there is actually a limit to our gluttony? Or is the sandwich just not any good?

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  1. Or option 3: You just don't want to hold two chicken cutlets in place of bread. That's my thought.

      1. I'm guessing that it's "good"(like most fried, greasy, salty food is) and people wanted to try it once and then go back to normal sandwiches. So that would also incorporate the not wanting to hold 2 chicken cutlets in your hands...isn't the point of bread to provide a barrier between your hands and whatever the fillings are?

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        1. re: Fromageball

          That's what pants are for: wiping your hands. :)

          1. re: Fromageball

            Yeah, I think that's what the Earl of Sandwich had in mind..meat between bread so he could keep playing cards, or so the story goes.

          2. I think Joanie has got it right. The taste can't be much different from other fast food offerings and I doubt it has anything to do with the limits of gluttony. This is, after all, the society that introduced and embraced the Thickburger!

            1. I tried it once for the novelty factor.

              Brought it home took 2 bites before I took 4 slices of bread and made 2 sandwiches out of it. It was basically 2 jumbo KFC chicken tenders with back and cheese in the middle.

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              1. re: dach

                I wanted to try it when it first came out and never got around to it. Now, I'm not interested anymore. I'm surprised it's still around. All they had to say was 'limited time only' and it would have sold better. ;-)