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Jul 14, 2010 10:35 AM

I-89 and I-91 in Vermont. Anything good close to the highway?

I'm going to be driving to Northampton, Mass. from Montreal this weekend and will need to eat something on the road, preferably something good. Any suggestions? All I ask is that it be not too far from the Interstate and the cheaper the better.

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  1. I really like stopping in Montpelier VT, it's very cute, about 2 miles off the highway. There's La Brioche with pastries and sandwiches sponsored by. New England Culinary School. Capitol Grounds is a good cafe. Plus there's a little diner type spot across the street from La Brioche on Main, Corner Cafe I think.

    Not too far in Burlington, which isn't that far from Montreal so you may want to wait a bit, are a couple good diners.

    Libby's Blue Line Diner: One Roosevelt Hwy, Rt. 7, Winooski/Colchester
    Parkway Diner: 1696 Williston Rd.

    Further down closer to the 91 intersection, there's the Farmer's Diner on Rt 4. in Quechee, couple miles off 91.

    Capitol Grounds
    27 State St, Montpelier, VT 05602

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      Has anyone been to Red Hen Baking? They apparently have a cafe and looks to be about a half a minute off 89 between Waterbury and Montpelier.

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        Red Hen is great. There's also Nutty Steph's in the same building with a lot of interesting options. She's doing a beer/bar thing there in the evenings, too.

        Also, here are my central Vermont notes for restaurants.

        There are a fair number of good options in the Montpelier area, not far off I-89.

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        great, thanks for the help, guys. we only have time for one meal on the way down so we have to make it count. the options seem pretty good!

      3. I personally would have suggested you stay on 91 all the way to Quebec where it becomes 55 and driven 20 miles (30K) north to Magog. Downtown Magog has one of the best collection of restaurants anywhere I've been and I have lived all over North America. The SAQ Selection is one great liquor store and Marche Vegetarrienne may not be that big but I would rather live next door to it than any Whole Foods anywhere.

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          If you stay on 91, there's a very good Korean place in West Leb, about five mins or so from the Interstate. Yama Restaurant.

          Yama Restaurant
          96 Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784

        2. You have to make time for Simon Pearce in Queeche. Great restaurant overlooking the falls, food is incredible and not pricey for what you get, plus you can see glass blowing by some amazing artisans!

          Simon Pearce Restaurant
          1760 Quechee Main St., Quechee, VT 05059