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Jul 14, 2010 10:33 AM

Strategy for Pappy's and/or Crown to avoid a long line?

On an upcoming visit to STL, I'd like to eat at both Pappy's Smokehouse and Crown Candy Kitchen for lunches on Thurs/Fri/Sat or Sunday. I understand that both (especially Pappy's) can have long lines. Does anyone know if there are days of the week or times of day (for instance 2pm) when the lines might not be as crazy?

Pappy's Smokehouse
3106 Olive St, St Louis, MO

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  1. I can't say for sure, but I'd be inclined to go earlier rather than later, particularly at Pappy's, where they stop serving an item when they run out of it, which happens more frequently than at other restaurants. I do know that a lunch at Crown on Saturday will have you standing on the sidewalk for a while.

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    1. re: alan

      Thanks Alan. Do you know if Crown i that busy every day, or just on Saturdays?

      1. re: ClevelandRandy

        We arrived at Pappy's at 11am on a Friday and there were about twenty people in line ahead of us. When we left at 1145 there were sixty or more waiting. I would suggest earlier. If you have any room for ice cream go two blocks to The Fountain on Locust.

        Fountain on Locust
        3037 Locust St, Saint Louis, MO

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          I've been there on a weekday in the summer and it was plenty crowded then, too. Haven't been recently but can't imagine why this summer would be any different--except, of course, for the fact that this is the hottest summer I can remember in a long, long, time, and that's saying something in St. Louis.

      2. For Crown Candy, I would definitely try to get there by 11:15 AM for lunch.

        I have never been there on Sunday; it may be less crowded then.

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        1. re: Doug

          My goodness, I'm going to have to wake up at 6am for breakfast in order to do these 11:15am lunches!! I'm normally on the 1:30-2:00pm lunch schedule.

          1. re: ClevelandRandy

            One of the things you discover when you move from the Eastern to the Central time zone is that things start earlier out here in the middle of the country. Enjoy your sunrise!

        2. Can't speak for Pappy's, but we try to get to Crown by 11:00 and never have to wait. If you wait 'til about 2:00 on a weekday it gets less crowded, as well. Weekends are a free-for-all. If you're over that way, check out the new grocery co-op one block east on St. Louis & 13th. They have Companion pretzel-bread for afternoon car snacks. (Full disclosure, friends of mine are running the show over at the co-op...still, it's cool to watch things happening in that neighborhood...seems to me like that area could use a good BBQ place, too.)

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          1. re: tonifi

            amen Tonifi, re: Old North. and not to belabor a point, can't every area use a good BBQ place? I thought I had heard of one across 55 along B'Way or on far North Grand (I know not the immed. area, but not too far).

            one of these days I'm going to document all the likely locations of some guy in a parking lot with a homemade smoker and actually try the stuff and put that out on the web.

            1. re: hill food

              Go to Troy, MO for Big Stickey's BBQ. He's a guy in a parking lot and his BBQ (and homemade sides) are excellent. Troy currently has 4 guys in parking lots. Monte's BBQ, Roundman's BBQ, Big Stickey's, and a new one, Hot Rod's or something like that. I haven't tired Roundman's or Hot Rod's. They are the newest.

              1. re: JayEsBee

                JSB: yeah? I just may need to do a day trip, I love the Cuivre River area. any idea how far into Fall they operate on weekends?

                (belated edit - whoops!) Tonifi: I meant I-70 not I-55 near B'way (duh) hope your friends make the co-op work.

          2. Oh...and we'd love it if you report back...I always thought I'd like Cleveland, too...kind of St. Louis-ish but not so darn HOT. (Or possibly I've been reading too much Michael Ruhlman).

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            1. re: tonifi

              Thanks all. I'll definitely report back.

            2. For Pappy's. If there isn't a Cardinals game, go around 2-3. I calms down a lot then. And go for your Thursday lunch. The weekend can be pretty crazy there.