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Jul 14, 2010 10:18 AM

Doral area rec

Looking for casual dinner recommendations in the Doral area.

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  1. Let's see...casual in Doral.....Doral Seafood has excellent peruvian seafood...a bit pricey but to Publix on 41st street......Il Forno is an EXCELLENT italian restaurant on NW 25th street west of 87th avenue......Ale House on 87th Ave works for a casual sports bar type luncheon and happy hour venue......For a nice Argentenian dining experience.....I recommend Los Parilleros which is also on 41st street....west of 107th avenue.....


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      Yes, Il Forno is a very nice choice. Excellent dishes, nice prices & decor, and the always hard to find in Miami excellent and friendly service. I live in Miami Springs, and we were so happy to find such a place nearby.
      Very casual is Latin American Grill on 36th/Doral Blvd and 79th Ave. It has very good Cuban food. Go there often for lunch, and again fast and friendly service. Also good for grabbing a sandwich to go.
      Monserrate in the Blockbuster center on Doral Blvd & 97th has excellent Colombian food.
      There are more, as Doral continues to provide locals with options to running off to Coral Gables, the beach, the design district, etc.

      Latin American Grill
      7905 NW 36th St, Doral, FL 33166