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Jul 14, 2010 08:55 AM

Breakfast in Isla Verde

I will be spending three days at the El San Juan Hotel in a few weeks, and I am wondering what the local breakfast options are? I usually like to avoid the overpriced hotel restaurants, and I gather that the hotel is in a fairly urban neighborhood.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I wish I could help...a few local places nearby include Metropole, Mi Cucina and Case Dante (Carolina)....not sure you will find a local breakfast place per se. I know the ESJH area pretty well...what I would do if you have a car is eat at La Bombanera in Old San Juan..WONDERFUL breakfasts...

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    1. re: phelana

      Thanks - I've been to La Bombanera before, and it is great, but I won't have a car. I'll try some of the places you mentioned. I wasn't expecting to find anything local, just to find an alternative to the typical overpriced hotel restaurants.

      1. re: LloydG

        Try Mi Casita, which is a small strip mall across the street from the El San Juan.
        Great breakfast and dinner and reasonable prices.

        1. re: RONNIENJ4

          shoot..I meant Mi Casita not Mi Cucina..Mi Cucina is in Antigua..eeeeeee