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Where can I find amazing Itallian Cassata Cake (Cannoli Cake)??

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the Manhattan Chowhound site... I used to be in Chicago. Anyway, I went to a friends wedding years ago and their wedding cake was a Cannoli cake.

So here I am years later STILL thinking about this cake. What I have learned from my web search is that it is also called an Italian or Sicilian Cassata cake. What I also have learned is that there are many many Italian bakeries in this large city but I have no idea if they have this cake or if it’s worth going to buy it.

Could you please suggest where I can buy this cake? I'd prefer Manhattan but I don't mind travelling off the beaten path for something amazing!

Oh yeah - hopefully their cake doesn't have those bits of dried fruit in it.... Ferrara has this and I hear that's kind of gross and it wouldn’t be the cake I dream about.

Thanks so much!

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  1. gian & piero bakery in astoria queens. you can also try il brigante restaurant at south st seaport

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      I'll bet Rocco's on Bleecker St. has it.

    2. I have never heard the term cannoli cake. But you should be aware that dried fruit is an integral ingredient in cassata; if you do not like dried citrus peel and other dried fruits you may be in trouble.

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        Not so, I recently had some with only chocolate chips though I don't know what bakery it was from. Calling in advance and ordering might allow you to express a preference. I'd call Rocco's and Veniero's.

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          I make cassata cake and don't put candied peel, I use small chocolate chips. I think it tastes better.

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            You can make it however you like, and I am sure the chocolate was good, but traditional cassata is made with candied citrus peel. Strangely enough, I had a cassata wedding cake, too.

        2. definiately call the places you plan to visit to see if their cakes match what youre looking for

          1. has anyone ever tried a cassata with gelato instead of cream? if so, where did you guys get it?

            1. Veniero's in manhattan

              fortunato brother's in brooklyn

              342 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

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                Another vote for Veniero's....

                342 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

              2. Best I've had is at DeRoberti's on 1st ave and 11th. Across the avenue from Veneiro's and way better in all regards.


                1. The term cannoli cake was said to me by the brother of the groom... who knows if it was correct. It only had chocolate chips with the riccota filling (like a cannoli).

                  Such great suggestions - thanks so much.

                  Has anyone ever heard of this cake being made into a cupcake? That would be a great idea!!

                  1. The best Sicilian pastry shop in the city is Villabate, on 18th Ave and 70th Street in Brooklyn's Bensonhurst. They have excellent cassata. Some pastry shops also make cassatine, or small, cupcake-size versions that might be easier to find. The classic cassata is a baroque affair, with sponge layers, flavored ricotta filling, decorative marzipan/sugar icing and amazingly sweet and rich. I love it.

                    1. Rocco's or DeRobertis in Manhattan... they will make any cake you want to order.
                      If you want to travel to the Bronx, Palumbo or Egidio on Arthur Ave can make this as well. Check the Outer Boroughs board for more Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens bakery recs

                      1. I can understand exactly I was married 4 years ago and still think of my cannoli filled cake. In fact, right now I happen to be thinking of an excuse to order one and happened to find your search. While we were on our honeymoon, many people who attended our wedding called my Mom to ask where we bought it because it was so delicious. And my father, who normally does not eat cake, ate the whole top of our wedding cake given to them to reserve for us when we left the wedding reception.

                        We searched high and low and went to many cake tasting from Sylvia W. and the top cake masters in NY. And then we were referred to a place up along the Hudson who makes cannoli and delivers them with the filling on the side so that nothing gets soggy. They referred us to a recent NY Times article printed June 2007 "QUICK BITE | Peekskill; Taking The Cannoli To a New Level" http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage...

                        One taste of the filling and we were sold. Then the sponge cake and the chocolate cake I could not make a decision of which one was better. They both were so good and then we decided to have both. We had a vanilla cake bottom layer, cannoli filling, then the top layer was chocolate. It was the perfect balance and truly a memorable taste for many who enjoyed this wonderful harmonious blast in their mouths.


                        If you choose to drive out there the 9A part of the drive is really pretty.