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Jul 14, 2010 08:35 AM

DeLucca's Italian Grill and Pizzeria - Columbia, SC

Anyone been to this restaurant lately? It's on Sunset, in the same strip as Mai Thai. I got a pair of great sandwiches from there a few years ago and promptly forgot all about the place. I think it is time for another visit, and I'm keen to try out their pizza.

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  1. I stopped in for lunch and had the chicken lasagna. t was the gooey kind and tasty and a nice size portion. I do like my sauce a bit spicer. Busylunch crowd and a friendly waitress. Chatted with some regulars who were happily eating sandwiches that did look quite good. I too would like to check out their pizza. I'm happy to see it DeLuccas there since Pie II didn't make it.

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      I tried the pizza. It was okay. I think I'll stick with the sandwiches.

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        Wellll..... the honeymoon may be over. The last sandwich I had was the one with sliced granny smith apples - I cant remember what they call it. The sparse apple slices were nearly translucent they were so thin and it was so overloaded with cheese, I could have chewed on it all afternoon. I've been looking at their new menu but nothing calls out to me. Anyone tried something off the new menu?