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Jul 14, 2010 08:09 AM

Confusion r.e. Cuisinart Elite Food Processors

I've had my eye on a Cuisinart Elite Food Processor for some time. Here's the one I want, named Cuisinart Elite Die Cast Food Processor, 12-Cup:

Here's where I get confused - what is this other line of Cuisinart Elite Food Processors, also sold by Williams-Sonoma? They are named, simply Cuisinart Elite Food Processors.

I see that there's a 14-cup there instead of 12 and 16, but how would this 12-cup differ from the 12-cup that costs more and has "Die Cast" in the name?

Also, the second grouping appears to be sold on Amazon by J&R Music and Computing World. of all places, for a tad less money.

What gives? Can anyone help sort through the confusion for me?

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  1. I went to the Cuisinart web site and compared the Metal Cuisinart Elite 14 cup FP-14N
    MSRP $349 and the Cuisinart Elite 14 cup FP-14DC MSRP $299.

    The obvious difference is the metal case that would probably last longer and weigh more than the other. Whether it would make a significant difference to the home user, I don't know.

    A couple of other striking differences is
    1. The FP-14DC has 3 bowls a 14 cup , an 11 cup and a 4.5 cup. The more expensive FP-14N only has 1 14 cup bowl.

    2. The FP-14DC has anjustable slicing blade. The FP-14N isn't adjustable.

    3. The FP-14DC has a retractable cord. The FP-14N doesn't.

    4. The FP-14DC has a storage case. The FP-14N doesn't. You can buy one though.

    5. The FP-14N has 2 different size pushers. The FP-14DC only has one.

    6. The FP-14DC has a fine/medium shredding disc. The FP-14N has a medium shredding disc. I'm not sure what that means other than the discs are different.

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      Fine/medium shredding disc means it's two-sided. One side is for fine shredding, the other for medium shredding.