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Jul 14, 2010 07:37 AM

Memphis Vegan/Dairy-free

We will be visiting Memphis next week, two adults and two teens, and one family member is seriously dairy-allergic. As in, we go to the hospital kind of allergic. Are there any recommendations for places with dairy-free menu options in the downtown area, or at least reasonable driving distance from Beale St.?


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  1. Given the lack of responses so far, I take it that there are little or no options? Wow. I mean, we live in Birmingham AL, which is no Vegan mecca, but off hand I can think of several places that have extensive vegan menus, and several more that could easily accomodate.


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      Give it a little time before you get all huffy at the memphis folks. This isn't the most active board. Off hand, there is a Bangkok Alley (thai, sushi) downtown that should have plenty of dairy-free options. I just had dinner at Local gastropub on Main and had a tuna tostada that I would think to be dairy-free (though obviously not vegan since it had fish). If you are looking for dairy free, but will eat meat (post was confusing--do you want true vegan or DF?), just about any barbeque place will give you straight meat. Circa (also on main) will make an entree out of their veggie sides--i'd check to make sure they don't have hidden cream or cheese, but that should also fit the bill. good luck.

      Bangkok Alley
      2150 W Poplar Ave, Collierville, TN 38017

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        Didn't mean to come across huffy, but I did notice the number of responses to other posts from the same day on the same board, hence my surprise.

        Really we are looking at both vegan and DF, in the hope that would increase options. Vegan is, of course, safer due to potential for cross-contamination of DF food with utensils or surfaces that have dairy residue.

        Thank you very much for your recommendations, they are greatly appreciated!


    2. Deja Vu is a great New Orleans-y place a little south of downtown that, interestingly, has a vegan section on its menu. I love the cajun / creole - can't say I've ever ordered off the vegan menu. But you might give it a look. They have a menu online.

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        Man, Deja vu looks great! We will give it a shot. Thanks Bulldog!


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          Dejavu is a FANTASTIC restaurant. I suggest getting there a little early (11:30) or arriving a little late (1-1:30) to avoid the high-noon lunch crowd, as this place only has about 6-8 tables.

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            They recently opened a second location out at Winchester and Ridgeway. It's much bigger and has a much different atmosphere, but the food is just as good.