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Jul 14, 2010 07:36 AM

Chez ma grosse truie chérie

Has anyone been there yet? What is is like?

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  1. Wondering the same thing myself; drove by and saw the giant pig sculpture so will at least assume that it's not vegan.

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      I've been there this past Saturday with 3 friends. The space is really nice, unlike anything that has been done in Montreal actually. We were seated on the terrasse which is called ''Le Trottoir". Inside, the tables are made of old bowling alleys and can each seat about 10 persons so don't go there if you want an intimate dining experience. I found the tables were too deep, the space between the people in front of me was way bigger than usual. But in some way, others will like that.

      We had 2 dishes for appetizers, les fumaisons and la salade d'orpin with coulant bleu brie poire. Both were very good. The fumaison had smoked magret, salmon and foie gras. Well executed, the smokiness level was light and perfect. The salad had a very simple dressing, served in a bowl witht he coulant slightly tucked under it. The appetizers are definatelly made to be shared and 2 dishes for 4 was enough. Note that we don't eat tons of food though!

      For mains, I had the lamb, which was served rare with caviar d'aubergine, aspargus, cherry tomatoes and a lamb sauce. Very good, the lamb was tender and juicy. The cooking process seemed more complex than what I could do at home. Maybe sous-vide... I'm not sure.

      My 3 friends had:

      - the pheasant served with Sortilege and truffles sauce and miniature veggies. He was afraid that the meat would be too dry but it wasn't the case and he was served a "suprême". He liked his dish but thought the presentation and taste lacked refinement.

      - the black cod served with sweet potatoe puree, fresh herbs sauce and jalapenos pulp. The presentation was very nice, he had 2 pieces of cod with very crispy skin. The cod was very good and fresh, the best i've had in a while. But the mix with the rest of the ingredients in the plate was off. The tastes did not complement themselves and the other ingredients overpowered the delicate cod.

      -the porcelet the lait, cheddar polenta and miniature veggies. The grilled chunk of meat was amazing and delicate. The polenta was also very good and smooth. We think it was the best plate of all 4.

      We also ordered a side of parmesan fries which turned out really good and crispy. There aren't lots of veggies in the plate, we should have ordered 1 or 2 sides of vegetables as suggested by our waitress.

      For dessert, 2 of us shared the chocolate macaron dish. It was good but all items came seperate in the plate which I kinda disliked. The macaron was about 3 times the size of regular ones. The quenelle of sorbet was light and not too sweet, the strawberry mash was not sweet at all and served in a small glass with a long bar spoon. The presentation was original but I am not sure I liked the idea. It seems to me it would have been better if served otherwise.

      All in all, I think the place needs some refinements. The meats were well done but it still needs to be better presented. We could see that the kitchen is still learning and it is finding its way. I can't say it was amazing, it was far from being bad either. I find it was expensive compared to what others would offer for the same cost.

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        Thanks for the post. Sounds like they've got a couple of teething issues to still work out.

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          Can you give us an estimate on the cost per person (excluding drinks)?

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          We're going to Ma Grosse Truie tomorrow night for a birthday dinner. From everyone's descriptions, I guess it's an ideal place to go as a group. I hope the food won't be a letdown. I am definetely taking the porcelet au lait as my main.
          Has anyone else been there in the past month? Any suggestions for the entrees & desserts?

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            We went to Ma Grosse Truie on Saturday night. The restaurant is interestingly decorated with a nice ambiance. The service was good, albeit a bit slow. We waited for over 10 minutes for our drinks, but the food came quickly once ordered, well timed.
            Apero: Craquant au speck fumé et fromage cheddar ... good, interesting, but nothing spectacular.
            Entrée: the Truie soup... an onion soup with a nice rich broth, lots of bread & bacon. I would have liked a bit more cheese on top.
            Main: Pavé de porcelet de lait et polenta au cheddar, légumes de saison et jus de braisage... REALLY good!! I loved the tenderness of the pork, and the mix with the cheddar polenta was really great! The portion was also quite big, very satisfying.
            Dessert: Macarons au chocolat et écrasé de fraises au Maury, sorbet au yaourt et gingembre sauvage, balsamique au Jivara... I found the macarons a bit too sweet for my own taste (but then I was completely stuffed by then). The sorbet was amazing though, I would go back there just for that!
            Price for 1 person (with 2 drinks) $90.

            Friends took either the veal cutlet (special of the day) or the lamb... everything was extremely tender and juicy.
            Next time we go, I'll probably take the same main meal as above with the mix of sorbets for dessert, and the oysters as an entree.

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              Thanks for the detailed report! Sounds great but Yikes on the price tag. I am a bit tight on my budget so i guess i'll save this one for a special occasion :)

        2. Hi, does anyone know if you can order off the Le Trottoir menu if you're in the regular dining room?

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            The answer is no, in case anyone was wondering.