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Jul 14, 2010 07:29 AM

Looking for fresh NY-style bagel in Montreal

Yes, I know, I know, why am I looking for fluffy bagels if I live in Montreal, and the answer is that I'm not from Montreal. The sweeter, thinner bagels just aren't my kind of thing and after having lived in NYC for a few years, I truly crave the puffy goodness of those bagels.

I did a search here and found a number of posts talking about the differences between the two styles but not really anything about where I might buy fresh NY-style bagels (no, a bag from the supermarket fridge is not the same thing at all).

Yes, I know the Tim's on the corner sells half-decent bagels but I wondered if there were any of a better quality.

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  1. Just be happy that things are not the same in different cities. Montreal bagels are fantastic. New York bagels are fantastic. They aren't tremendously different, but they are different.

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      Well, I don't know that I'd agree that they aren't "tremendously" different but I do appreciate that many people find Montreal bagels fantastic, even people outside of Montreal! However, I wouldn't mind having a great New York bagel in Montreal as well. I'm guessing I won't find what I'm looking for, though.

    2. I've asked this many times before, and instead of getting an answer I've gotten berated about NY style bagels aren't bagels and that I'm not a REAL Montrealer... blah blah blah. After some searching, I've found that some supermarkets (IGA, Metro) that bake their own breads usually make their own bagels too. And because they abide to strict standardized recipes throughout the company (it's not like they'll take the time to boil the dough in honey water), these are the closest you'll find to NY style bagels! Might not be made fresh daily, but if you ask, they will tell you which days they make them.

      Good luck!!!

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        1. About 10 years a new bagel shop in Montreal tried making NY-style bagels(they also made Montreal bagels), but it didn't last too long. Maybe it lasted a year or two. Besides that I can't think of a Montreal bagel shop, making NY-style bagels.

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            Definitely the supermarket bakeries are the closest you'll get to your NY bagels.
            I get used to that style of bagel when I'm in florida all winter. I equate it to crusty bread
            shaped like a donut. Well toasted it's fine.

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              I will never forget being in Florida at a deli and having my Floridian friend order an egg salad sandwich with a 'scooped out' bagel...I looked at her and said, naturally, 'what's a scooped out bagel?' they consider this a form of dieting...thank goodness Montreal can't scoop out their bagels, that is how doughy NY style bagels are (NY style is generic in the states for bagel)

          2. I bought some bagels last week from Snowdon Bakery in NDG and they weren't proper MTL style bagels, they were too puffy and fluffy for me.

            So maybe that would suit your taste? (even if those aren't really bagels ;)