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Jul 14, 2010 07:25 AM

What's For Breakfast?

Good morning! I know we have a very popular ongoing 'What's for dinner?' topic, but I think it might be nice to have a post featuring The Most Important Meal of the Day! :)

So tell us, Chowhounders, what did you eat for petit déjeuner?

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  1. My own breakfast consisted of a juicy, fragrant peach, some organic wheat toast with a touch of butter, and a glass of mint iced tea I made last night. I worked out before I ate, and I was too hot for anything but a cold beverage.

    1. I've been up since 4:30 AM, and I've eaten some strawberries, half a sesame seed bagel, a cup of coffee, a bottle of Aquafina, and three bites of the fabulous creme caramel with lime I made the other day. I'm going to the gym myself at 10:00 to work it off, lol.

      1. We try to follow Weight Watchers' points process, so most days we start with a jumbo egg (90 calories = 2 points), 2 pieces of light toast = 1 point, half an orange (30 c). Today I made made egg sandwiches that added 2 slices of Canadian bacon (30 c) and a slice of non-fat cheese ( 35 c) to each, for a total of 255 calories or 5 points. We find that having a higher protein breakfast keeps us satisfied longer and keeps us from eating so much as the day goes on. Most servings of cereal are about 190 calories plus whatever you put on them, and I'm hungrier when I'm finished than when I started -- ravenous by 10:30. And then peanut butter is 190 calories per 2 tbs; I'd rather have the two eggs.

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          I'm on WW also... I love egg sandwiches for breakfast, but today I had 1 cup of steel cut oats mixed with 1 tblsp whipped peanut butter, a packet of diet hot cocoa mix and a banana. 4 pts, and 2 pts for my coffee because I have to have my creamer. ;)

          count me as a huge breakfast at tiffany's and audrey fan. wish more people today had her class and style!

        2. Not home, so this morning it was my niece's cold "scramblies" scooped into the heel of a ciabatta loaf. The ciabatta was delicious. And a couple of chunks of (very sweet) watermelon. And coffee.

          1. Count me in for Audrey Hepburn fan.

            My workout in the park got cut short by the rain, which gave me time to stone grind some home roasted coffee (mystery blend +Hawaiian Kauai Peaberry Reserve Mokihana), Aeropressed. Coffee went nicely with my summer breakfast cereal : 2 scoops of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream+1/4 cup of Ronnybrook Farm vanilla yoghurt+home made Peanut Butter Black Sesame Brittle+home made oat biscuit crumbs.

            *Edit: forgot to include the one apple right after work out.

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              I'm in Arizona right now and I would killlll for rain. Your breakfast sounds great too.

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                How does the Aeropress compare to other methods? I only recently became acquainted with this apparatus and the short prep time and quicker clean up sound great.

                1. re: JungMann

                  JungMann, not sure if it applies to other people, but Aeropress is especially good for my stone grinding since my method produces finer grounds that would make French pressing's lack of fine filter a bit muddy. A while back i tried using the stove top moka pot, and it tasted much harsher than the Aeropress. When I've used a corser ground for the Aeropress (using the manual metal rotating-discs type of herb grinder) I found it took much more grounds to make the similar strength and richness as the finer stone ground grounds, though the finish is cleaner, cooler rather then warmer, if that makes sense.