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Jul 14, 2010 05:53 AM

Filet d'harengs in New York?

When I was in Paris, I had the pleasure of being able to get the ubiquitous appetizer, filet d'harengs, which is filets of smoked herring in a light dressing with sliced up boiled potatoes. It's so, so good, especially if you like Scandinavian food, and it was in almost every bistro in Paris, but I cannot find it in New York ANYWHERE. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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  1. Have you tried Aquavit - the front room? Might be worth calling and asking if you haven't.

    1. Did you try Aquavit or Aquavit Cafe?

      Or Smorgas Chef?

      1. I haven't tried those two, but I checked out their menus and saw that they have a similar dish. Definitely worth a visit. The filet d'harengs in Paris is such a common dish there that I'm partly trying to find a French place in New York for it.

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          While the herring served at Aquavit is very good, it is not like the French version.

        2. You can find hareng doux at Russ & Daughter's if you feel like fixing up the appetizer at home.

          Russ & Daughters
          179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

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            I'm not so sure about this. I wanted to serve it as an appetizer for Easter dinner last year, and called R & D about a month before. They said they have it and I should call back to order it about a week in advance. When I did I was told they no longer had it because another type of herring (matjes maybe?) was in season and that is what they had at that time. So it seems they have it sometimes, but not always.

          2. Le Jardin (Nolita) has always had it on the menu...haven't had it recently, but it used to be quite good there...