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Jul 14, 2010 05:21 AM

Taiwanese food

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a restaurant, preferably downtown, that serves Taiwanese food, in particular, pai guo fan (sp.?) Cheers.

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  1. I don't think you'll find anything in downtown. You might have more choices in uptown because of the asian population that live (and hang) around the area.

    I tried a Beef noodle restaurant at First Markham Place last week and it was pretty good. They even have a picture of the Tawanese President (MA Ying-jeou) eating and enjoying his beef noodle soup too :) I don't recall the english/Chinese name of the restaurant, but it's very close to the Vietnamese Pho Restaurant. Maybe someone here can give you the proper name.

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      The only places you might find Taiwanese food downtown would be in those bubble tea houses - some of them serve fast food like the spareribs on rice you mentioned, but I don't remember which one. One on Yonge, west side just below Bloor, another also on Yonge, east side south of Gerrard are possibilities.

      TAIWANfest is happening again at Harbourfront Aug 27-29

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        Mei Nung is the one you're referring to. I've only been once and haven't had an urge to return, it's not worth a trek for.

        I still haven't been to this place, but would like to try it.

        Again, you won't find anything downtown, you'll have to hit the burbs.

        Mei Nung
        3229 7 Highwa, Markham, ON L3R3P3, CA

      2. Asian Legend in Chinatown on Dundas is owned by a taiwanese guy so alot of their dishes have good taiwanese standards to them. I know cause its my g/f's favorite place in the area and she's taiwanese. She said they probably hve the best beef spring onion roll in the GTA. I have tried their other foods too including the beef noodle soup and its pretty good given that i dont have to drive up north to markham or richmond hill for this type of food. You might find what you are looking for here.

        1. doubt there would be an authentic taiwanese places downtown......

          metro square at one street west of warden/steeles has the best taiwanese lunchbox style foods.. omg "tai ping hsiang" is my fav... also u could check out the far left stand in the food court... theres another place at birchmount/finch called "wei's taiwanese" that has stinky tofu and other authentic taiwanese plates...

          1. Thanks guys. I knew Taiwanese food could be found up north, it's a shame it's not down here. My quest continues..


              located uptown in scarborough unfortunately. they cater stinky tofu at those food festivals (ie. taste of asia, taste of lawrence, night market)