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Jul 14, 2010 05:04 AM

My cupcake liners keep separating from my cupcakes...HELP!!!

I've searched the web and tried everything--changing ingredients, cooling in/out of the pan, chilling them--but nothing seems to prevent it. What causes it and what can I do about it??? It's making me crazy!!!!!

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  1. I would change the recipe. Sounds like its too oily.
    I have made hundreds of thousands of cupcakes and this has never happened to me.

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      Wow...okay, do you have a good yellow cake recipe to recommend? It seems to happen a lot more with yellow cake than devil's food. And yet my recipes have the same amount of butter in each (I also tried subbing oil for some of the butter which didn't seem to help).

    2. I have never had, or heard of, that happening, and I have made cupcakes from a wide range of cake recipes. So I think more info is needed: your recipe, baking temp, what kind of pan, liners, oven.

      1. cakegirl, i totally empathize. same thing happened to me. having more experience as a baker now, i think it was under-filling the cupcake liners that did it to me. HOWEVER, i've been too traumatized to do a yellow cake since so i'd also suggest trying a different recipe.

        try out amy sedaris' vanilla cupcakes, joy of baking, or one from martha's cupcake book like this: i've seen bloggers bake these with success

        1. I've experience the same problem . . . sometimes they separate and I have never been able to figure out why. Now to avoid problems I bake in plain white papers, frost and decorate them and then drop them into a fresh paper liner. They actually present better that way anyhow, especially when I'm using decorative printed papers. I have had conversations with several bakers who have also had this issue and no one seems to agree as to the cause . . . one blames the paper liner, another claims it has something to do with creaming butter/sugar and still another thinks the cooling process is the issue. I do hundreds of cupcakes each week and can find no common thread as to why . . . now we use the second paper on everything.