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Jul 14, 2010 12:10 AM

Corn Ice Cream --- where to find it??

I've had this many times growing up in Brazil, but I've never seen it here.

Anyone know where I can get it?

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  1. Sweet Corn Ice Cream is offered as a seasonal flavor at Fosselman's.

    I would check with Scoops to see if Tai will make a corn ice cream for you ... just put it on his board.

    1. Their menu changes all the time, but Sweet Rose Creamery in the Brentwood Country Mart had it this past weekend.

      Sweet Rose Creamery
      225 26th St #51, Los Angeles, CA 90049

      1. I've seen it by the pint at Whole Foods.

        1. Magnolia makes a corn and cheese ice cream (mais-queso); you can get it at Filipino markets like Seafood City and at many other Asian markets.

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            i love Magnolia ice cream! so rich and flavorful. Ube is my favorite flavor.