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Jul 13, 2010 10:26 PM

Cooking with Chamomile

I grew a chamomile plant for the first time this year and am so amazed at the wonderful tea it makes. I can't help but dream of steeping the flowers in a sauce or into a broth for a dish. Has anyone had any experience with using chamomile in savory (or sweet) applications?

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  1. Try infusing the milk for panna cotta, ice cream or creme anglaise with chamomile flowers, for pastry tarts with berries or other poached or fresh fruit. Add a teaspoon of dried flowers to your favorite shortbread cookie recipe. Use chamomile tea as part of the liquid for fruit flavored quickbreads, such as lemon, orange, pear, bran with raisins or prunes, peach or apricot.

    Here's a simple chamomile infused creme anglaise recipe from epicurious:

    Here's a NYT recipe link for an chamomile infused ice milk for peaches:

    Here's a Lemon-Chamomile Cream Pie recipe from Martha Stewart, of all people (it sounds delicious:


    Lastly, use steeped chamomile tea as part of the broth for a nice leek soup, with pancetta, garlic and parsley.

    1. Along some similar lines, you can infuse chamomile into a simple syrup and use that on fruit, like cantelope or peaches. A refreshing summer dessert.

      A NYTimes article talks about this and other ideas for the syrup like putting on toast with ricotta or spongecake.

      Here's the article:

      You might need a free subscription to NYTimes to access this. If you want me to summarize, let me know.

      You're inspiring me to grow chamomile. I have a little supply of dried chamomile to try these recipes, but it would be fun to use the fresh plant.