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Jul 13, 2010 10:12 PM

Must have BIG Zin

Please help me find some great big Zins to enjoy by themselves in the backyard with my chickens and a good friend. I'm close to a TJ's and a GO... located in Livermore.

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  1. Not sure what you're thinking of when you say "big"--e.g., lots of tannin, high alcohol...but you might try the Bogle Old Vines, or one of the Cline zin's; they tend to be jammy, quite full bodied, and relatively high alcohol...and the price is right...

    1. Not sure about Big but Cline and Rosemblum are our budget favorites. Also some GO may still have the $2.99 Renwood Zin which is an awesome value and delicious.

      1. For big meaning a HUGE over the top wine with lots of extraction I recommend the following. The only one you're likely to find at TJ's is Rosenblum.

        Rosenbloom Zin
        Anything from Four Vines (though "Biker" is probably their biggest Zin)
        Ridge Lytton Springs (not a Zin per se, but hits the right spot for the foods you mentioned)

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          Ridge Geyserville was my go-to in the 90s. That, Seinfeld and pizza from a joint called Dolce Carini. Ah memories.

        2. There's a BevMo in Livermore where you'll find more and better selection than TJ's or GO.

          1. Some budget friendly choices that should be available (<$20) would be Rancho Zabaco '08, Dancing Bull '08, Boeger 07.