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Jul 13, 2010 09:36 PM

Looking for Breakfast Places open early near or west of Galleria

I travel to Houston a few times a month. I'm looking for a nice quiet place to have early morning (6am-7am) breakfast. Looking for a great eggs benedict or a quality diner.

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  1. "Great eggs benedict" or "quality diner" at that time in the morning might be tricky to find.

    There's Mama's Cafe at 6019 Westheimer which opens at 0630. They do a passable Mexican Benedict which has chile con queso replacing the hollandaise.

    House of Pies at 6142 Westheimer is open 24 hours. It's hardly going to win any awards either but the breakfast is more than acceptable. The O'Brien potatoes are tasty.

    For a decent Benedict you might want to consider The Egg & I at 4938 Beechnut (it's a few miles south but should only take 10 minutes or so on the 610 at that time in the morning). Yes, it's a chain, but I reckon their hollandaise is actually quite good.

    Edit to add: There's also Chacho's Tacos at 6006 Westheimer which does some good Tex-Mex breakfasts, also open 24 hours.

    1. Some possibilities (I haven't been to any for breakfast nor know hours but they do serve breakfast):

      Le Peep - Houston chain, just a block inside 610

      Patisserie Andre Tellier - about a 1/2 mile north of the Galleria or 2 miles inside the Loop

      Kenny & Ziggy's - caddy-corner from the Galleria

      There are websites for the other two.

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        Kenny and Ziggy's is terrific but unfortunately it doesn't open until 0700.

        To be honest I found the breakfast at Le Peep a little overpriced and bland. And the hollandaise on their Benedict was thin and watery.

      2. People love the Avalon Diner which is up the road from the Galleria on Westheimer just before Kirby. It is a pretty standard diner, but can get really crowded.

        Avalon Diner
        2417 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

        1. Try the St. Regis Hotel dining room just off San Felipe about 2 blocks south of Loop 610. They have a wonderful pulled brisket and potato hash topped by two poached eggs served with an incredible Hollandaise. All of their breakfast offerings are very good, and they have one of my favorites, fresh ruby grapefruit juice! The space is lovely and even when crowded, tables are well spaced and it's quiet.

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          1. re: Ms Ghost

            That sounds like my kind of breakfast ! Thanks for the tip.

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              I stayed at the Ritz Carlton which is now the St. Regis, a wonderful property. I agree with FarleyFlavors on Le Peep, overpriced and bland. Let's see, Le Peep or St. Regis, Le Peep or St. Regis? I'll take the St. Regis, even if it costs twice as much, which it probaby doesn't.


            2. Le Peep on Westheimer near 610 is a perfect breakfast place right near the Galleria.