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Jul 13, 2010 07:28 PM

Not to miss resto's in Edmonton

I'll be in Edmonton for a Thurs nite, Fri & Sat in a couple of weeks. What are the 'not to be missed' places---both the haute cuisine and the hole in the wall places? I am a Montrealer so I am eager to discover how my friends in Edmonton live the good life! Of course, I would expect the specialty fo the region is steak of some kind, looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Granted, I live in Europe, not Edmonton, but two of my favorite places in E-town are Culina in the Millcreek neighborhood for modern cuisine with a regional focus and Dadeo's diner on Whyte Ave. for cajun po-boys sandwiches and local micro-brew beer.

    1. I wouldn't really call it a big steak town. There are OK steak places, but it isn't something i generally go for. Best recommendation (not steak) would be Red Ox.

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        Red Ox is a must, but you must get a reservation. Very busy.

      2. Check out the Madison Grill on Jasper Ave (near the MacDonald Fairmont Hotel).
        It is associated with a boutique hotel (

        We saw an enticing dinner menu and loved the place while looking in (for breakfast actually.) Plan to have dinner there next visit to Edmonton.

        1. Yeah, Edmonton is nothing special for steak and worse than most cities its size.

          I think the best place in town is Wildflower Grill, it's on 107 st south of Jasper. I'm surprised it hasn't been suggested yet. I also think Continental Treat on Whyte is worth visiting. Most of my favourite places in town are ethnic though.

          Of the previous recommendations I can concur with Culina and Madison's. Dadeo's will make a turd.

          Wildflower Grill
          10009 - 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1J1, CA

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              I like the steak at Bistecca and surprisingly, I had a great filet at 100

              for haute cusine check out Blue Pear, they do a table d'hote with wine pairings, you will definitely need reservations here as well as at previous places mentioned (Culina, Red Ox) they are all small places

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                are any of these in the west end/near the airport?

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                  No. Probably the best in the west end is Sage at River Cree. I haven't been there in a while so the quality may have changed, but you stand a decent chance of getting a good meal there.