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Jul 13, 2010 06:52 PM

Chelsea area for 6 days, where to eat

We are going to London tomorrow, staying at a flat in Chelsea, for free, but there won't be a concierge. Who do I ask about restaurants? You all have mentioned Boughton Market and Camden Lock. My husband wants to take me to Rules for a "special experience."
He has found a web site with all the typical foods of Scotland where will will be for another week, i.e. finnan haddie, Aberdeen Rowie, Hotch Potch. My favorite is Cullen Skink... what in the world...????

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  1. Just scroll down this page for awhile, and you'll find restaurant suggestions galore. You don't need a concierge. We do it for free!

    The Borough Market is best done early on a Friday - about 11 or noon. Rules will be fine for a truly, 'British' meal.

    I think someone recently wrote about a few good places in Chelsea... do a search and maybe that will come up.

    1. A well made cullen skink (or a soup from Cullen, if you wish) is lovely - thick and fishy. Unfortunately, as often with iconic foods, it isn't always well made.

      I agree about Rules - possibly my favourite (or, at least, second favourite) place to visit in the capital.