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Jul 13, 2010 06:48 PM

Victoria Restaurant Recommendations - Lunch & Dinner Recos - Traveling with Teenage Girls

We're visiting Victoria later this month and would appreciate recommendations of casual restaurants - including lunch - traveling with two teenage girls (one a vegetarian). As for lunch, burgers, salads, pizza, Mexican food and more would be fine. Open to other ideas as well. Needs to be within reasonable walking distance to Empress/Chateau Victoria hotel area.

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  1. Lunch:

    Devour, on Broughton. Really reasonably priced, gourmet-quality food. Small place, though, so get here early or mid-afternoon.

    Red Fish Blue Fish: A board favourite. In a cargo container down in the inner harbour (near the seaplane terminals). Great fish and seafood options, fast-food style. No indoor seating area (outdoor seating only) so go on a nice day.

    Pizzeria Primastrada: Cook St. location. Not downtown but you can take a beautiful walk through Beacon Hill Park or along Dallas Road (on the ocean) until you hit Cook St and then walk up through Cook St. Authentic Neapolitan pizza with good salads and appies.

    Hernandez: In a courtyard in the middle of an office building. (between Yates and View St).

    Dinner: Ferris' Oyster Bar. Despite its name, it has an array of options including many non-seafood options. A popular and worthwhile spot for diners of any age.

    Brasserie L'Ecole: No reservations anymore so prepare to wait or to get here before 6 pm. Reasonably priced, locally sourced, tasty "French food with west coast" influences. Very popular.

    Zambri: Not "blow you away" Italian but pretty good quality with lots of locally sourced ingredients. Another very popular place. No resos.

    There are many other places but this list should get you started.

    Oh, and Habit on Pandora is a favourite coffee shop on mine (and many others). Don't miss the killer Africanos or Mochas.

    Chocolat on Fort (near Douglas) for amazing chocolates.

    Choux Choux Charcuterie on Fort (between Blanshard and Quadra) if you want to pick up some great picnic items.

    Choux Choux Charcuterie
    830 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8R, CA

    Red Fish Blue Fish
    1006 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W, CA

    911 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8V4X3, CA

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      Rebar would be great - it's fully vegetarian - really great selection of food. Quite busy on the weekends (especially for brunch). Check their website - casual, funky decor, great food. Near Bastion Sq, 4 blocks from the Empress.
      I also like Ferris' Oyster Bar (but they have way more than oysters). Large menu - lots of vegetarian options, salads, burgers, pastas & full entrees. Tiny patio out back amongst the old brick buildings they back onto. Upstairs has a smaller menu for food and is only open for dinner, downstairs is lunch/brunch/dinner. Bottom of Yates, near Wharf. They're updating their website, but it does have the menus on it.
      I second anewton's suggestion of Hernandez - excellent food (in the middle of an office-building walk-thru), open until 9pm everyday, I think. Enter off View or Yates.

      1. re: cassie

        When we have been squiring my younger cousins or brother around Victoria we always take them to an Italaian restaurant: Pagliacci's. It's a bit of an institution in Victoria. The pasta and sauces are made fresh (they really do taste like Grandma's) and have neat names like "The Oddfather" or "Roman Holiday". It's fun to see the celebrities who have eaten there.

        The tables are situated like European dining and it's good to get there before you are starving as there is usually a line (it's worth it). Last time we were there we met people who study polar bears in Churchill, MB so it can be fun to talk to the people in line too.

        On the weekends there is live music. For menu's can check out

        Enjoy your trip!

        1011 Broad St, Victoria, BC V8W2A1, CA