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Jul 13, 2010 05:07 PM

platter for shiva

] need to get a platter , maybe sweets for a shiva. It's in Owings Mill anyone have any ideas, I'm not from the area but, want something nice. Thanks

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  1. First find out if it needs to be kosher and, if so, head over to Reistertown Road and pick one of the Kosher markets (7 Mile Market for example).

    1. Gourmet Again on Old Court Rd. in Pikesville has a wonderful selection of Shiva trays. Lennie's Delly on Reisterstown Rd. in Owings Mills also has good choices.

      1. The Edmart on Reisterstown Road is first rate.

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          I agree about Edmart: they hand cut their lox (and they have belly) and IMHO have the best cold cuts. Their Romanian pastrami is great. Not Kosher though.

        2. The knish shop and I think it is the 7 mile market are both kosher and will deliver. BTW if you want to send something to the family after, I often order on-line from Park East Kosher. They are in New York and fedex, but the food is outstanding. is pretty good too.

          1. If it needs to be kosher your best options are the Knish Shoppe (dairy) and Goldberg's Bagels (dairy) or Accents Grill in the Greenspring Shopping Center (meat). If you want to bring baked goods your best bet is Goldman's Bakery (reisterstown Rd.). All of these places close early on Friday (and are crazy on Friday) and are closed on Saturday.

            Avoid 7 Mile Market completely. The place is disgustingly dirty, and is an absolute zoo on Fridays. The only reason to go there is for the cultural experience of being in the center of the Orthodox pre-shabbat shopping frenzy.

            If it doesn't need to be kosher, all of those other suggestions are good. You can also add on to that list Eddie's of Roland Park and Miller's Delicatessen in Greenspring Shopping Center.

            Accents Grill
            2839 Smith Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209

            Knish Shoppe
            508 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208