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Jul 13, 2010 04:25 PM

Casual and fun for large group - Union Square/Wharf

Finding a top notch restaurant in the city is easy, but I'm looking for casual fun places for a group of 13. I'm looking for something near Union Square,after a long day of wine tasting, and something after an Alcatraz tour. A great brew pub, casual Italian, or brewpub would be great. Ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Thirsty Bear might fit the bill.

    1. We've had a great time at La Trappe on Greenwich in North Beach, walking distance from the wharf and a bit longer walk or bus ride from Union Square.

      ETA: Here are some CH threads that mention it also.

      La Trappe
      800 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94133

      1. My absolute favorite Italian place (and the one the far and away comes closest to my grandmother's cooking) is Caffe Maccaroni Scuie Scuie, just off Columbus and Jackson. If you make reservations, they can accommodate your group upstairs. Everyone there - the waitstaff , the manager, the owners- are straight from Italy and the atmosphere is lively and fun. Add to this a very moderately priced menu and wine list, and it's perfect for what you're describing.

        Caffe Macaroni Sciue Sciue
        124 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA 94111