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Jul 13, 2010 04:16 PM

Mudgee, NSW


Inspired by PhilD's adventures we're also heading out of Sydney this weekend. We're off to Mudgee with the farmers market and farming festival. Sounds like fun.

We've had a look at the Sydney Good Food Guide, but nothing inspiring jumps out in terms of eating. So can any fellow food enthusiasts provide some good suggestions for dining, especially on Sunday (inc. evening).

Also any vineyards not to be missed, let me know.

many thanks


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  1. My wife and I went to Mudgee for Easter one year and ate at Deebs Kitchen If you can get in, I'd certainly say that it's worth it. It's a mom & pop run kitchen, where everything is prepared in sight. Bechora Deeb prepares some great value Lebanese food. The dinner on Easter was slow, and the service was very casual - but we didn't expect white gloved service. It was nice. Other places that we went were in the GFG - and they were nice, but not spectacular. Deebs would certainly receive my highest recommendation for Mudgee.

    As for wine, the Robert Stein riesling is a winner - as is the Optimiste Petit Verdot. Last I checked, Optimiste didn't have a cellar door; but certainly search out this wine. I highly recommend it.

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    1. re: Syd.FoodGuy

      Interesting. Deebs looks really intriguing. I'll definitely try and bag a table.

      thank you

      1. re: fergal76

        It will be good to hear about the trip as we are planning one soon. I am told there are a couple of decent winery restaurants with good lunches (and good views) but I can't recall names.

        1. re: PhilD

          Deebs is booked and got a table at Vulcans in Blackheath on the way. sorted

          1. re: fergal76

            Well done on Vulcans! I love that place. The smokiness that they can get out of that oven is amazing. I had some unforgettable scallops there the last time I went. I'm constantly looking for an excuse to head out west & get back there.

            1. re: Syd.FoodGuy

              Hi all,

              had a lovely weekend in Mudgee. good vineyards and lovely people.

              On the way we stopped at Vulcans for Friday evening. A quirky place, but not a great meal. Service was a little stand-off-ish, but the dinner started off well with a great crab and artichoke soup. Pleasingly devoid of cream it was sweet and satisfying with nice chunks of crab. However our main courses was both unbalanced dishes. I had blade of beef with kaffir lime and lemongrass, but it lacked something to make the dish smoother . My wife had pork with papaya salad. it again had good spice, but lacked sweetness. We expected a little better.

              We did however have a great meal at Deeb's Kitchen. Just like eating at someone's home it was charming, cute and good cutsy food. I'll write it up on my blog at some point, but will be back. So if anybody is on their way to Mudgee, I would urge a booking.


              1. re: fergal76

                Sorry to hear about Vulcans, as I have had some great eating experiences there; but certainly glad that Deeb's delivered. It certainly is like eating at someone's home. I look forward to your write-up!

                1. re: fergal76

                  We are booked into Deeb's in a few weeks, and will probably head to Cobb & Co for Sunday evening. Does anyone know of any other good/alternative spots for Sunday dinner?

                  Fergal: any other finds, or great wineries, what about brekkie?

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Mudgee is not the most happening place on a Sunday night. I think Cobb & Co is your best option. Elton's is also open as well as an Indian called Rajarani (where we ate). It was OK. So if you want a 'proper meal' then Cobb & Co is the place to go.

                    If you can make it there's a really good wine/tapas bar called Roth, which is not open on Sunday. Might be worth a pre-dinner drink prior to Deeb.

                    We didn't get the chance to eat there for Breakfast, but The Butcher Cafe on Market Street looked good and has plenty of recommendations.

                    In terms of vineyards we liked Robert Stein, Huntingdon Estate, Farmer's Daughter, Varafina (good Reisling). We didn't make it to Oatleys or Logan which was recommended. We visited a lot of these places on Sunday afternoon and they were pleasingly not busy at all.

                    There appears to be a glut of wine in Mudgee so good case deals can be found. We bought a case of Prince Hill Shiraz for $39!

                    Happy Hunting

                    1. re: PhilD

                      Did you end up making it to Mudgee? I'm planning on going in a months time and starting my search. Did you find anything outside of what Fergal found?

                      Would definately be keen to hear about it. Thanks in advance.

                      1. re: BeanTownGolfer

                        Yes we did and came away a little under-whelmed. I would recommend Orange over Mudgee for both food and wine. Overall I found Orange had a lot more choice and from our experience the quality and aspiration of the cooking was in a different league.

                        Mudgee wines are OK, and we bought a few bottles. But we usually find it useful to evaluate the wines at home. Here we found that the Orange ones stood up pretty well with some definite repeat orders, the Mudgee ones were OK but none worth buying in quantity.

                        For food we ate breakfast the Butchers Cafe (at both braches) and whilst the coffee was good the brekkie was only so-so. We did try Deeb's and had an enjoyable meal with a couple of interesting dishes: but as my partner said it was really no better than our home cooked Sunday dinners. Maybe it is better in he summer for lunch in the garden. We tried a few of the bars and scoped out some other restaurants, nothing excited us, and the restaurant on the second night was so dire I dare not name it.

                        Best part of the trip was a great Pizza at the "Di Lusso" winery - freshly cooked and it goes well with their Il Palio "super Tuscan". We didn't get to try "Sago's" which was recommended to us and I see it makes the GFG this year as a new entry.