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Jul 13, 2010 03:01 PM

Delivered Pizza in M-Streets Area

I have gone through Scalini's and Campania. Both make good pies (Campania can verge on excellent) but have experienced major fall-offs in delivery time/customer service for both. Any other suggestions for DELIVERY in this area?

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  1. The Dallas Observer's food blog, "City Of Ate", had some good things to say about "LA Gourmet Pizza".

    1. I'm never as happy with delivery as I'd like to be, but a decent bet might be Campisi's (on Mockingbird). I think Farnatchi delivers to a limited area, too, but we've never tried that (done take-out once and it was decent). Fireside Pies makes a really good pie, and even though they don't deliver, they're awfully close by for an easy pick-up. But how I would do anything for Grimaldi's or Olivella's to start delivering... Be sure to let us know if you find a delivery gem.

      Fireside Pies
      5717 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024

      1. Angelo's is good, and Lover's Pizza (new location at Mockingbird/Abrams) is fast and decent. Neither are as good as Scalini's or Campania at their best, but you can give it a shot...

        1. Piggie Pies is another that will deliver to the area. Campisi's will deliver but I don't care for their delivery.

          Take out is the name of the game for this part of town. Louie's, and Prego are two of the best in town but no delivery.

          1. Brother's Pizza on Travis Street just south of the corner of Fitzhugh delivers and has excellent NY style pie. Great, chewy crust. Give them a try. I've always liked their pies. They're part of the same family as Lover's Pizza if I'm not mistaken.
            And, IMHO, Campisi's pizza is terrible!