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Jul 13, 2010 02:38 PM

YYC - Where to find good BBQ ribs?

I need some BBQ suggestions. I'm a 8 months pregnant and have been craving pulled pork and bbq ribs for too long. I had some amazing short ribs at Brava last week but was hoping for some good suggestions in Calgary.

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  1. Holy Smoke - $1 per bone.
    Big T's

    Off the top of my head.

    1. I definitely second Holy Smoke. Best bbq ribs I've had in Calgary.

      1. +3 for Holy smoke....their pulled pork is amazing. Would not recommend Palomino or Big T's

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        1. re: Doc1200

          The ribs are the item to repeat at Holy Smokes.

          Big T's is ok once in a while for the meat platter, it's got ribs.

          Oddly enough I have had good ribs at Montana's cook house of all places. I don't know it may have been an accident.

          1. re: The Gut

            Thanks everyone! I'm off to holy smoke today to try it out.

            1. re: The Gut

              Montana's ribs have gotten far better recently. I don't think they're smoked though.

              1. re: Shazam

                I can't speak to the quality of Montana's ribs, but I do know a guy who used to run a Montana's here. He wound up with a commercial-grade smoker in his garage. Apparently, it was a spare that they just forgot about when he left.

                1. re: Leibowitz

                  Hmm, never tasted smoked to me. Their texture is also not consistent with smoked ribs I make or have had elsewhere.

                  1. re: Leibowitz

                    I actually used to like Tony Romas ribs (circa 1990...) before I knew any better! I was introduced to the true blue smoked in Tennessee a few years turning back!!

                    Any idea what ever became of said commercial smoker?

                    1. re: Leibowitz

                      any idea if said commercial-grade smoker might be up for grabs?

                        1. re: Eat Yokel

                          There are a number of electric smokers available that do an excellent job. I have a Masterbilt that I love. There's also the Bradley brand and a few others.

                          1. re: Eat Yokel

                            No idea. Sorry. Haven't seen him in some time.

                  2. it's not a regular item but Taste gave us some ribs that were left over from a private party the previous night....yum!!!! sooo goood!!

                    I'll work on getting them to put them on the menu!!

                    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I loved Holy Smoke pulled pork sandwiches. The ribs were good but I'm more of a sauce rib person than rub. Great place and find! I'll definitely be back.