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Jul 13, 2010 02:19 PM

Where to find good Cochinita Pibil in Dallas?

Cannot make it down to Fonda San Miguel in Austin till September-does anyone know of any Dallas area places that serve Cochinita Pibil? I heard Maximo's in North Dallas has it on their Monday lunch special and Sunday brunch-has anyone tried it there? Anyone know of any other places in DFW that serves it?

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  1. Ha. I love Cochinita Pibil, but I don't know of any places in Dallas that make it other than my mom in Little Elm.

    1. El Rey Del Grill
      4535 Maple Ave
      Dallas, TX 75219
      But this place is not fancy, and they don't do gringo "brunch" or "lunch".

      Rey Del Grill
      4535 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

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        Thanks-I'm looking for something authenic-Austin seems to have a lot more authenic Mexican food places where in Dallas it's all Tex-Mex or under fancy versions of brunch.

        1. re: shannydiva

          Not really so. If you'll look around and read some of the topics here and Dallas you'll find a whole untapped (by gringos) world of true Mexican restaurants in east Dallas, Oak cliff and even far north Dallas.