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Jul 13, 2010 02:11 PM

Lievito Bertolini and Italian recipes.

I'm working on a few Italian recipes that call for Lievito Bertolini. Does anyone know what the American equivalent is? Is this a yeast or baking powder? I'm reading many conflicting things online. I would like to try a bisciotti recipe that calls for a .5 ounce package but not sure what to substitute it with. Please help!

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  1. Well there are 2 types of Lievito Bertolini in the little packages. One is for desserts which is a mix of baking powder/cream of tartar/baking soda - with a powdered vanilla flavouring. The other one is for making pizza and torte salate - which is like instant dry yeast. Since you're baking biscotti, it's probably the baking powder mix.

    When I lived in Italy - it would drive me crazy trying to use that product and convert it for American baking recipes (it's all they sell at the supermarket- except for fresh yeast). I'm sure you'll be fine if you use baking powder and a splash of vanilla. Good luck!

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      Thank you very much! It seems that all Italian baking recipes include this mystery ingredient. Hopefully I will have some good results.