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Jul 13, 2010 02:00 PM

Updated recommendations for eating in Piedmont in October

There were some wonderful posts about a year ago about where to eat in the Piedmont region. We will be there in October for 5 nights of our honeymoon and would love any updated recommendations. We are staying at La Villa Hotel, Casalotto di Mombaruzzo,
but will have a car. Thanks in advance!

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  1. check out the current issue of Bon Apetit--there's a short article and a nice list of restaurants.
    Also, Slow Travel has lots of great Piemonte info.

    1. We'll also be there in October (4th visit to this area) so I've been reviewing posts from 2009. They include a lot of good recommendations - two of our perennial favorites are da Gemma in Rodino and Trattoria della Posta in Monforte d’Alba. Another place we're fond of but not mentioned is Trattoria La Coccinella in Serravalle d'Alba. The food is equally good, and the brothers who run it are warm and welcoming. You may want to consider going for lunch as all are probably at least an hour away from your hotel. Although GPS can be a help it's still a little stressful winding your way through unfamiliar rural darkness (Garmin sent our friends on a zany 'shortcut' through narrow dirt vineyard roads). A bit closer to home is La Contea in Neive, with excellent Piemontese dishes, and outdoor seating on nice days or an elegant fireplace-warmed dining room on not-so-nice ones. Finally, this might not be very Chow-ish but I highly recommend visiting either a weekly market or various shops in the morning to gather together a picnic feast. Scenic roadside spots abound in this region and some of our most memorable meals have taken place in such locations.

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        Of course recommending a picnic is Chowish! shopping for local foods and picnicking or cooking them yourself is just another side of the local food experience in Italy (or elsewhere) and one of my personal favorite ways to experience local food culture.

        FWIW here is what comes up in our current Piedmont Restaurant page close to your destination. These are from Slowfood, Gambero Rosso, online and other sources.

        if you are looking for options near any of your destinations, just click on Restaurant on the tab above and put in the location (town,IT) in the search box. With any luck it should give you some nearby choices.

        Have a great trip and looking forward to hearing all about it!

      2. I have mentioned this on other threads in the past, but it it worth noting that the tourist offices in the various towns in the Piedmont have the best brochures & pamphlets I have come across anywhere in Italy. They a wide variety of food & dining, with pamphlets on wineries, markets, cheeses, restaurants, etc. They are usually all available in English.

        1. If I may comment as a long-time Piemontese resident and food critic, I have been disappointed with both Trattoria della Posta and La Contea, although their reputation on internet posts continues to suck in foreign tourists. There are so many little and wonderful mom and pop trattorie in Piedmont that don't get written about. Ask Chris and Nicola at La Villa to give you recommendations in their area, you won't go wrong.

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            Thank you so much for the recommendation - just a month to go and we can't wait!

          2. I just returned a week ago and our favorite meals in that region were at I Bologna, La Piola, and pricier and modern Locanda Nel Borgo Antico. Particularly, the agnolotti at I Bologna was the best of the several versions I tasted on the trip. And I'd give up the existence of steak tartare for more of La Piola's carne cruda. At LNBA, it was the rabbit that was perfect.