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Jul 13, 2010 01:19 PM

Most creative small plates at a hotel on the strip?

I enjoy tasting menus as much as the next foodie, but lately my wife and I really like finding a good spot, and ordering 4 or 5 small plates (more/less depending on how small they are) and a bottle of wine. This worked out quite well at places like WD-50 in NYC, had a spectacular 6 small plate meal with vino, just under $200. I've eaten at L'Atelier de JR (and actually met him at the restaurant which was really cool!), but was alone on that trip and am now bringing the wife, curious if that's still my best bet for something like what I'm describing. Creative small plates at around $15-25 each, thanks for your input!

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  1. With one possible exception, I think that L'Atelier is still the best. However, there are more choices than there used to be.

    First, the possible exception. Guy Savoy offers "small bites" at its Champagne bar. I've only eaten at the restaurant proper, but the bar menu looks interesting, and the prices are right. Go to and click on "Bites and Bubbles" to find a sample menu.

    Other possibilities: Julian Serrano (Aria) and RM Seafood's lounge (Mandalay Place).

    RM Seafood
    3930 Las Vegas Blvd S 134-200A, Las Vegas, NV

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      Thanks Larry!! I was also strongly considering Sage as it looks as though it'd fit the bill quite well :)

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        I was about to suggest Sage.
        The sweetbreads, poached egg, and octopus dishes were quite good.
        Beet salad was okay but nothing special.
        Gnocci was kind of blah.