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Jul 13, 2010 01:16 PM

Pemaquid Harbor Fisherman's Coop

Just wanted to post a photo of my lobster roll from over the weekend. Available with mayo or with melted butter instead. Perhaps the best i have had. Haddock Sandwich in the background. Love this place

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  1. Great spot; Pem. Pen is rich in true lobster shacks. Round Pond has two, Bremen one, and this one. Shaw's is okay, but not really a shack, given it has a full bar and a broad menu.

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      We went to shaws the next day. Lobsters were a rip off. Single 1-1/4lb for $14! The co-op was selling them for less than $5/lb..

    2. Pemaquid Harbor Co-Op is the BEST !!!! Have never been disappointed with any meal. The Lobster roll is STUFFED ! Also the best Haddock sandwich I've ever had. What could be better and more economical than BYOB. Really saves on the Bar Bill !!! Great outdoor view and casual. Will return again and again. Love it... JUMBOmaine.