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Jul 13, 2010 01:05 PM

Cooking Classes Or A Fun Gift Idea For A Foody New To DC

My bf recently moved to the Arlington/DC area. He loves to cook and loves to eat out. Any good cooking classes you can suggest? Perhaps for a couple? Any fun cooking activities or experiences? Looking for a gift for our anniversary.Thanks CH!!

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  1. I took a sushi class at Cookology with my husband. It was really fun and we made about 6 rolls each (variations of real crab, eel, tuna) which made it worth it!

    1. There was recently advertised a bread making course at Open Kitchen in Falls Church that looked wonderful. You go home with sourdough starter.

      But if you want something more cooking oriented, I know Roberto Donna frequently does classes that people really enjoy for Italian food that include a meal at the end.

      As a note the Washington Post Food Section has a list of cooking classes.

      1. L'Academie de Cuisine has quite a few couples classes. They also have a weekend course but that might be more than you want to spend for a gift.

        1. So far, culinaerie is the best we've taken. The pasta class was awesome. Company's Coming in Cleveland Park is good too but it's not as hands on.

          1. CulinAerie has great couples classes. They are right near the McPherson Square and Farragut North Metro stations so it's very convenient from Arlington.

            Chef Amanda teaches really fun food and wine pairings.

            1131 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005