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Jul 13, 2010 12:48 PM

Licorice ice cream at Christina's in Cambridge?

I have developed a taste for licorice ice cream after a recent trip to Sweden and am looking for it around here. Not hoping to find salty licorice ice cream but just regular licorice. I saw it as a flavor on Christina's website and am wondering if anyone has had it there and if it is regularly on the menu or just occasionally. I will be in Cambridge next week for work and am thinking of heading over there.

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  1. Presumably you could call them to ask if they have it before you head over. Even if they don't, they're sure to have something else fabulous and hard-to-find.

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    1. re: scratchie

      Is it just me or does Christina's never answer their phone? (I've tried frequently in an effort to go there when the ever-elusive Nietzsche's Chocolate Ascension is in stock). The service there is lacking. I've seen licorice and tried it. It has that deep black licorice flavor that is almost bitter with a sweet follow through. But it seems you'll have to go there and see if they have it .

      1. re: oniontears

        I've called them before (also to check if they have a particular flavor) and they answer the phone. In-person service can be a little haughty, but, you know, it's an ice cream place.

        1. re: oniontears

          It has that deep black licorice flavor but a comically gray color. It made me wish more foods were gray but with intense flavor, just to confuse the mind.

      2. Had it there about a month ago -
        Not salty.
        Have been back about once a week since and have not seen it back on the menu.

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          1. re: sysco kid

            What? They have cardamom ice cream?

            1. re: Alcachofa

              I am sysco means their kulfi flavor, which is very strongly flavored of cardamom. They always have this flavor. Incidentally, I've taken to topping ice cream at home with a bit of ground cardamom --- delicious!

              1. re: lipoff

                Oh, man, I'm getting this tonight.

                1. re: lipoff

                  Wanted to report back that I did try the kulfi. It really does pack a cardamom punch! A little bit too much, in fact, for me and for Mrs. Alcachofa, who is even more of a fan.

                  The kulfi flavor would work awesomely as part of a dessert in which only a tiny scoop of the ice cream is included. But the thought of going through a whole pint... yow! A bit much.

            2. re: Bob Dobalina

              Bob, say it ain't so! That is disappointing, but I'm going to stop by anyway.

            3. just to weigh in on christina's re flavors and service. called last week and they were perfectly polite on the phone. and, had the taza chocolate, which is amazing. and brought a pint of their blood peach ice cream to the cape, where my 15 yo nephew, historically the pickiest of picky eaters, waxed poetic about it.

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              1. re: wonderwoman

                I haven't had licorice ice cream since I was a young pup in Ohio, and I got it from a Baskin and Robbins! In the 1960s! It was the best stuff I've ever had. I will have to stop by Christina's.

                1. re: somervilleoldtimer

                  That's an awesome food memory. It would make sense that B&R was really good back in the day. I sort of remember B&R being thought of as premium ice cream when I was growing up as a kid in CT, and too expensive, so we would go to Carvel instead. :)

                  Was at Christina's last night - unusual flavors they had were jackfruit sorbet (which I tasted - really good, a little custardy even though it was a sorbet - probably would be a better ice cream), avocado, basil, bacon! I went with scoop of strawberry, scoop of fresh mint. Strawberry was overpowered a bit this time by the excellent minty fresh mint. Probably on re-order would do a strawberry basil combo. Have not seen licorice in a while, but I figure if enough people ask about it, it will come around again.