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Jul 13, 2010 12:43 PM

Group in Portland ME and we only want lobster

Looking for a great lobster place in Portland, Maine. There are several of us, but we all want only
lobster with drawn butter. Don't care about clams, french fries, or anything else....just the lobsters
ma'am! We've heard about Dimillo's, J's Oysters, the Porthole and Gilberts. Which of these would
you 'hounds recommend? Any others we should check? Thanks a ton for any and all recs.
Hope to repay the favor when you all visit the Hill Country of Texas!!

J's Oyster
5 Portland Pier, Portland, ME 04101

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  1. On Commercial Street there are lots of Lobster Fish Markets which will cook them for you and a lot cheaper then going to a restaurant:
    Three Sons Lobster
    New Meadows Lobster
    I am sure there are more places too......
    Buy -- Eat -- Enjoy

    1. Portland Lobster Co., on the waterfront, can't miss it; it's as close to a lobster shack as you'll come downtown (if you've got wheels, head out to Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, about 15-20 minutes). If you want more ambiance (and higher prices) Sea Grille. If I were you, and lobster was all I wanted, I'd just walk along Commercial Street and pop in an out of the places you mentioned and these others, and decide which you like best. There within a two- to three-block radius on or off Commercial Street.