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Jul 13, 2010 11:42 AM

Dan Tana's Equivalent in NY

If you've been to Dan Tana's in LA, and like it, then you know what I'm talking about. Trying to find it's commensurate in NY (if it exists).


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  1. Could you be more specific? To me, Dan Tana's is an overpriced, mediocre Italian-American place. I have a feeling you feel differently about it - are you looking for food like Dan Tana's or scene like it?

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    1. re: uwsister

      which is why i gave the qualification of "if u like it" =) ..

      that said, here's what i like about it:
      - scene: it's lively and fun, as long as you are able to get a table reasonably close to your reservation (often difficult unless you know the maitre d'), it's always a good time ..
      - food: to me it's above average italian/american, with good sized portions .. a chopped salad, cheesy garlic bread and a big chicken parm/pasta hits the spot for me ..

      to answer your questions, i'm looking for both food and scene ..

        1. re: gutsofsteel

          thanks for the suggestion, but i don't think carmine's is very similar at all .. carmine's is a family style italian restaurant with a much different scene than Dan Tana's ..

          1. re: indofx

            It's as close as you're gonna get, I think. Lively place, big portion red sauce type food...

            1. re: gutsofsteel

              I have a friend who has worked there for years - indofx - "Crispy" has been the captain to talk to for a lot of that time. The scene he described is a real particular one - serious a list types and locals, but not paparazzi - actually it's probably closer to Locanda - tribeca locals (anywhere from corporate to arts and everything in between) although Dan Tana's has a part that's like Rao's here - there are people who have standing reservations at Dan Tana. I agree with indofx, Carmine's has nothing to do with it. Carmine's is more like olive garden than it is like Dan Tana's.

              1. re: whiterabbit

                I've never been to Rao's, but from what I know of it, that might be the closest thing to it in a sense that it has an old school scene and serves Italian-American food - though Rao's is FAR more exclusive, obviously. I don't doubt that there are A list folks and celebs who still dine at Dan Tana's (the only time I went, I went with a Hollywood old timer myself) but there are also tons of tourists. Tons. Not that celebs are exactly known for having good taste in food - otherwise they wouldn't be eating at places like Mr. Chow all the time.

                Mr. Chow
                121 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

    2. There is no Dan Tana's equivalent in NYC. It is an original... that's what makes it special, and an "LA" thing.

      If you want to taste a slice of old NYC and get the same feeling of all of that history, try KEEN'S or The STRIP House for steak.... (or Frankie and Johnnies ) or Campagnola for classic old school italian with NY flair.

      1382 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

      1. Hi...Dan Tana's is my favorite restaurant in LA...during my last fulltime year in LA, i went there about about twice a week, sometimes all hours: during prime dinner hour for a business dinner...a little later for a date...late night after a movie or concert...or (the best time) right when they open, when you can just sit at the bar w/ Michael and the regulars and drink martinis til the place fills up or the Laker game starts...

        Sadly, NYC has nothing that quite fits the ForkNewYork suggested, Keens has a nice sense of history and might be enjoyed by Dan Tana's fans (but it's a very different thing)...

        Foodwise, the Caesar at Dan Tana's is the highlight for me...while i've heard good things about the Caesar at Pietro's in Midtown, i haven't tried it yet...but *all* other Caesar salads i've had in NYC have been disgusting faux-Caesars...(and it's all the more annoying when chefs/servers/etc try to claim "Oh it's a real Caesar!" and then you get mayonaissey junk)...

        Dan Tana's is a one of a kind place...there is no restaurant in all of NYC that gives me anything close to the same comfy pleasure...

        1. the Palm (the original on 2nd Ave)