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Jul 13, 2010 11:39 AM

Seeking Unglazed Quarry Tiles For Baking

I want to make pizzas and hearth-type breads in my oven. Several recipes I've encountered call for the oven to be lined with unglazed quarry tiles. I've been to flooring stores and all the tiles are glazed and coated. I'm simply looking for terra cotta tiles. It can be one large tile, big enough for a 12-14 inch pizza, or a few smaller tiles that can be configured to whatever size I need for what I'm baking. Does anyone own these and if so, where did you find them? I live in Windsor, but I am frequently in the GTA. My cottage is in the north Kawarthas, so even a Peterborough suggestion would be helpful.

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  1. I came up against the same thing recently - couldn't find unglazed ones in any hardware or flooing store - and a contractor friend told me to check fireplace supply stores for them. (Haven't done it yet.)

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      Thanks, buttertart. I'll make a few calls to some fireplace supply stores and see if anything pans out.

    2. It may be more than you want to spend but WS sells pizza stones for around $40. They are large enough for a 14' pizza.

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        That's perfect! $40 is not too much, as long as the stone will last for a long time. Thanks, JennaBean!

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          What store is being referenced as WS.... Thanks

          1. re: Porto

            After pondering for a few moments myself, I realized she meant Williams Sonoma. I checked their site and they have a pizza stone for $42.

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              Great, Thank you 1sweetpea........

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          I bought my pizza stone at Benix & Co. for about $10, if I recall correctly. I'm on my second one (broke the first one by splashing cold water on a hot stone). Good value for money and I believe that they have locations in Windsor.

          1. re: raebmv

            Hi Everyone...

            I'm new on this site!


            You can also purchase a PIZZA STONE @ WAL-MART too!

            A couple of years ago, I was hunting around for something - I've since 'forgotten' what - I then saw a few 'hiding' under a bunch of other stuff in their houseware's section. It can be messy, disorganized, and downright 'chaotic' at this specific WM location.

            Honestly, what WM store in the GTA isn't chaotic and extremely busy 7 days a week?

            I think it was just a little bit cheaper than the ones sold at Benix, which was conveniently located within the same mall.

            I've also seen Winner's carry them just before X-mas too, but every time I've gone back to check on this (to see if I could get it further reduced) they were all gone!


            Do give KITCHEN STUFF PLUS a try, as I'm pretty sure they carry this as their 'regular stock'.

            KS+ carries all sorts of stuff, when I can't find it anywhere a few times I've hit pay dirt by making a quick visit and/or phone call to their store @ Yonge & Bloor. Which is a really busy store, but NOT crazy busy like 'Wally-World' @ Dufferin Mall.

            Hope that helps!

            Dufferin Cafe
            2917 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

            1. re: SweetPeazzz

              Thanks everyone! Who knew that pizza stones would be so ubiquitous? I've gotten so many blank looks when I've inquired in stores. As it turns out, a friend of mine is going to pick one up at Williams Sonoma for me, but it's great to know that I could get one easily at Wal Mart. I wouldn't count on WInners, though. Each store just gets whatever comes in, so while one store might have a gem or two in housewares, another might have a pile of junk. At least that's been my experience. Windsor stores tend to fall into the junkier category.