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Jul 13, 2010 11:21 AM

No Reservations: Heartland

I thought this was a good episode and Tony generally seemed to be enjoying himself and the food. I had a very hard time watching the ATV rip the skin off the deer and I know as a meat eater I should be able to face this type of thing but I can't say it wasn't disturbing.

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  1. I liked it too. I don't see where Austin fits in with the "Heartland", but my daughter is going to UT this year and I'm ready to go food truck hopping when I visit her.

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    1. re: saeyedoc

      Great food abound in Austin. That is one town where you can eat healthy if you want to and be as decadent as you want, all in one restaurant.

      The food trucks came after I left but I will certainly go back and check them out.

    2. I was very happy to have Milwaukee well represented. There is of course much more to Milwaukee than the Bartolotta empire, but I didnt feel that they made us look like rubes. They might have if they had shown those stupid racing sausages from the Brewers' games.

      1. I was kind of hoping to see soupkitten (or a woman that I think may be soupkitten) on the show. Alas, she will still be a mystery to me.