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Jul 13, 2010 11:04 AM

Bottles, On the Post Road in Westport, an Excellent Wine Shop

Ok so we all know that buying wine around here has been a joke for the most part. You basically have to order online or drive to Zachy's in Scarsdale if you want delicious wine at decent prices.

But now, at Bottles in Westport on the Post Road, that's all changed.

I live a mile or two from Bottles, which opened earlier this year. This place is like no place else around here. What do I mean?

The store is climate controlled. It's nice and cool; not too dry nor too humid, and no wine is exposed to direct sunshine.

The wine is selected buy an owner who loves wine and has great taste and passion for wine. I have asked his advice, specifically for affordable reds from Spain and Argentina, and his ability to deal with me ethically as a customer as well as to sell me the kind of quality wines I'm looking for place him in high regard in my estimation.

Also, the guy has DELICIOUS wine....fresh, interesting, properly stored and displayed intelligently......Priced well also, but the main thing is that it's there at all.

This place is NOT a graveyard for old, corked, second and third rate mass-production wines with dust on them like so many other local purveyors, sadly. This guy ios on the mark and is positioned to win big ultimately. In the meantime it's like my little secret.

Bottom line....Bottles offers more tasty, delicious wine for the buck than ANYBODY else around here, and this store has been a long time coming and I am grateful it's here.

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  1. Glad to hear that Bottles is a good find. Wouldn't agree, though, that buying wine around here has been a joke though - Harrys in Fairfield is great.

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      As are Castle Wines and Purple Grape, both in Westport.

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        Aside from Zachy's the following are good options:

        Nicolas Roberts Wine, Darien - compact and fast-changing selection but above average quality and value across the board in both old and new world varieties

        Le Wine Store, Greenwich - in particular, good hard-to-find french selection at decent prices

      2. Thanks for the post..... I've driven by it quite a bit and now I'll have to stop.

        My shopping wine choices have primarily come down to Mo's (Fairfield) and Empire Wine (online from NY). I love Fountainhead (Norwalk) for their unique selections but I don't travel that far (20 min) for wine as much as I really should.
        I do Harry's now and then, and while I like their selection, their prices don't lure me back that often.