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Jul 13, 2010 10:58 AM

Recipezaar.com is now Food.com

Just tried to load recipezaar.com and was redirected to food.com. I'd give a review but every link I click on is down.

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  1. Interesting - recipezaar.com doesn't direct to food.com - at least it didn't for me. Just said:

    Sorry, we're not here at the moment!
    Ran to the neighbor's for some sugar, be back soon.

    ...really we are just making some repairs. Please return in a few minutes."

    But if you go directly to food.com, it's working (including links). Says it's a beta version.

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      that's what happened to me for a while (earlier), then i think they pushed it live (though a lot of links were broken) ... now i too am getting the 'we are making repairs'

    2. Was gone on the weekend; recipezaar is a 'go to' site for me. I too was redirected to food.com. Saw elsewhere that it was purchased by Scripps? I do not like the new format? Impossible to do sorts by ingreds, courses, or by ratings!!!

      1. They've been warning the Zaarites for months about the new and improved site. Not impressed at all. There was a time I was always plugged into it, now not so much.

        1. I am frustrated! I have been a member of Recipe Zaa since 2001; I have over 300 recipes there. How do I get thme out; The site is either down or full of problems; it is horrible. Would love feedback. What is a good site for my recipes?

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            Hello Sageca, I went in with my usual sign in and looked at my online cookbook. we cant change what the big eye in the sky does!!!! just manage it and go on. its all there. it is the best web recipe site.

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              Your experience (even if the recipes were not actually lost) is why I don't keep an 'online' recipe file with any of the various recipe websites. What happens if your internet connection is down for some reason and you can't get online to retrieve a recipe? We copy and paste recipes into Word and keep them on the computer.

            2. I had many of my favorite recipes saved on Recipezaar,,,,,and thought they were lost. When you log on to food.com, look at the upper right side. It has a "chef number" next to the picture of a little whisk. When you click the drop down arrow, you can select, "My Profile", "My settings", "MY COOKBOOK", etc. There I found all my zaar recipes. I hope this helps everyone!