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Jul 13, 2010 10:25 AM

DBGB for Dinner: What to Order (or make sure I don't!)

Hi fellow hounds! Have a table for four of us at DBGB thurs nite. I searched the boards but nothing specific about what people loved (or didn't). Any suggestions would be great as well as anything that we could share--we all love food and no picky eaters in the group. THANKS!

299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Tete de cochon, bone marrow (with Katz's pastrami), blood sausage, asparagus salad with duck prosciutto is pretty good. Desserts were solid.

    1. The sausages are definitely the thing to have there.

      DBGB photos here:

      1. the lamb merguez sausage i had there was damn good.

        1. i think the thing to do is order any and all sausages that sound good to you as a group, and share! the main courses i've had were delicious but i think the menu right now looks somewhat heavy for summer. the burgers are over-the-top (though the piggie is undeniably delicious). for dessert, i've never had a dbgb ice cream sundae that i didn't love -- i still dream about a grapefruit/gingerbread version i had back in march that's out of season now. have fun and let us know what you end up trying!

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            I loved the Frenchie burger and thought the fries were quite good. My husband had a sausage dish that allowed one to pick two sausages - he had the merguez and the Toulouse, over which he oohed and aahed until the were gone.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Stopped in spontaneously yesterday for a very late lunch and wow, those fries are amazing! The closest I've had to a McDonald's style fry in a long time: not too thick, not too thin, crunchy, crispy. Delicious!

          2. The new Cooking Channel's show Unique Eats featured this restaurant this week. I wonder if there's somewhere online you could watch this show?