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DBGB for Dinner: What to Order (or make sure I don't!)

Hi fellow hounds! Have a table for four of us at DBGB thurs nite. I searched the boards but nothing specific about what people loved (or didn't). Any suggestions would be great as well as anything that we could share--we all love food and no picky eaters in the group. THANKS!

299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Tete de cochon, bone marrow (with Katz's pastrami), blood sausage, asparagus salad with duck prosciutto is pretty good. Desserts were solid.

    1. The sausages are definitely the thing to have there.

      DBGB photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...

      1. the lamb merguez sausage i had there was damn good.

        1. i think the thing to do is order any and all sausages that sound good to you as a group, and share! the main courses i've had were delicious but i think the menu right now looks somewhat heavy for summer. the burgers are over-the-top (though the piggie is undeniably delicious). for dessert, i've never had a dbgb ice cream sundae that i didn't love -- i still dream about a grapefruit/gingerbread version i had back in march that's out of season now. have fun and let us know what you end up trying!

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            I loved the Frenchie burger and thought the fries were quite good. My husband had a sausage dish that allowed one to pick two sausages - he had the merguez and the Toulouse, over which he oohed and aahed until the were gone.

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              Stopped in spontaneously yesterday for a very late lunch and wow, those fries are amazing! The closest I've had to a McDonald's style fry in a long time: not too thick, not too thin, crunchy, crispy. Delicious!

          2. The new Cooking Channel's show Unique Eats featured this restaurant this week. I wonder if there's somewhere online you could watch this show?

            1. we shared a bunch of dishes for brunch a couple months ago.

              the sausages are the way to go.


              1. Lucky you!! We love DBGB, especially the asparagus and fried egg appetizer and, as common as it may sound, the DBGB dog!! Also been pleased with the thai sausage and skate. I was afraid the piggie was gonna be too much going on, but the tastes worked well. I've not had any of the current sundaes, but you won't go wrong there. Can strongly endorse the souffle and baked alaska. Enjoy!!

                299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

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                  Hi Everyone! thanks so much for your replies. We had some hits and misses but I definitely want to go back. Hits were: special shrimp flatbread with arugula and chanterelle and some sort of cheese (insanely delicious--order it if you see it on the specials) which was probably the hit. Chacuterie plate: solid, but I think the one at his lincoln center location is better. Merguez sausage was a hit as everyone suggested and we also tried the Parisienne sausage which was kind of meh. Quality was great but it just wasn't anything special and the beet apple slaw had too little apple in it which I think would've helped. There was also a special cold ratatouille soup which had a fanastic crostini with it but the soup itself was somewhat between a soup and a dip. The red pepper flavor kind of overwhelmed it a bit. Matzoh ball soup had mixed reviews from the group due to individual opinions on matzoh ball consistency. We had a decent bottle of rose and some profiteroles (also good, though were cream, not ice cream but excellent dark chocolate sauce). There is an interesting peach/red currant sunday as the seasonal option but no one wanted it but me and we were too full to get a second dessert. It was a great value for what you got and service decent. Sorry no pics!

                2. I for one am not a sausage eater in the least. BUT their dessert menu alone makes me want to visit this place. The sundaes and baked alaska are calling me ahhhh.