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Jul 13, 2010 10:14 AM

Bosnian/Croatian Rest in Astoria...that serves Alcohol?

Hi folks,

I'm hoping to introduce a good friend of mine to the wonder that is Yugoslav cooking, but her boyfriend can't do without a drink at his meal. BYOB is fine. Has anyone had experience doing BYOB at any of the whole-in-the-wall Burek or Cevapi spots? Or are there any recommended restaurants that you know serve alcohol?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Eh, you may be able to bring some wine to a Bosnian cevapi joint, but most of them have zero ambience so you might as well get take out. I'm personally not very comfortable taking alcohol to a place that perhaps has decided not to serve alcohol because of their patron's or their own religious beliefs. I know many of the Afghan and Egyptian places in Astoria have strict no BYOB policies.

    Thankfully you don't have to choose, as there's a number of places that serve alcohol along with the food of the former Yugoslavia. Both Croatian "soccer clubs" have alcohol, Rudar and Istrian Soccer Club. Marshall is a bar on Broadway that serves Croatian food before it kinda clubs out at night. I've had their food suggested to me. There's a similar set up at Montenegro Grille on 34th st. Again, I haven't had the pleasure of the food though. Though it aims for something more Italian, I think Dino's on Newtown also has a Montenegran section of the menu. I once went to a Croatian food/wine tasting at Winegasm (terrible name). I know they have Croatian owners, but I'm not sure if they have Croatian dishes regularly on the menu. Might want to check out their website for Croat special events.

    If none of this works for you then you can get really boozed up at the Serbian Kafana in the EV. Nicer, significantly more expensive food. Tasty though, and they had some folk music last time I was there.

    31-86 37th St, Queens, NY 11103

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      Dino's had a Montenegrin section on its menu, but I just checked the updated menu on their website and it's all Italian. This is unfortunate because when I was there in the winter, those of us who ordered from that part of the menu were a lot happier with our food than those who ordered from the Italian section. They've recently had makeover--maybe it's changed hands and the Montenegrin chef is no longer there?

    2. The downstairs restaurant at the Rudar Soccer Club would be a good choice. They serve wine and beer and offer a wide variety of Croatian dishes. The place has a certain funky charm too.

      Pictures -

      Menu -

      Robert Sietsema review -

      Rudar Soccer Club
      34-01 45th St, Queens, NY 11101