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Jul 13, 2010 10:14 AM

How do I make salsa?

I love hot smooth salsa. I don't want chunks. I can't buy this in the stores and would love to make my own. How?

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    1. re: Shaw Oliver

      good point...

      Here's how I make salsa
      grape tomatoes
      red onion
      lime juice
      chipotle w/ adobo
      put it in a cuisinart
      it's good raw or you can put it in a pan for a few minutes and cook the tomatoes.

      1. I too like smooth salsa to eat with tortilla chips. For other uses, I still have chunky salsa. To make the smooth salsa I simply use a blender and then through a sieve. Then I put it into one of those red ketchup squeeze bottles so we can just squeeze a dollop onto a chip instead of dipping.

        1. Pioneer Woman's recipe is easy and you can make it as hot and smooth as you desire.

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          1. re: AreBe

            Excellent choice! So simple too.

          2. Tomatillo is my new salsa ingredient of choice.

            On "Mexico- One Plate Plate at a Time" Rick Bayless made a simple and terrific looking tomatillo-avocado salsa in a blender.

            His different salsa recipe from the show.