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Jul 13, 2010 10:14 AM

A night or two in Littlestown... HELP!

Hello fellow Chowhoundians!

I’m from DC and spending this weekend in Littlestown with my girlfriend, for a horse show she is attending.

I would love to get some suggestions as to where all the good foodstuffs are...

-maybe that really awesome ice cream place, or the new, well known (or not so well known) fancy place that everyone loves, or that great ma and pop hole-in-the-wall that serves really great food, or... whatever really. -Just which places the locals might consider a worthy stop, you catch the drift....

I understand that I will be in Littlestown, so there may not be many (or any for that matter?) places in my direct area, but I wouldn’t mind venturing out a little bit in the name of great food or super awesome local items.

Let me know what you all think, thanks so much!

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  1. I always suggest Pomona's. It is BYOB. I suggest making reservations on a weekend. http://gettysburgbakingco.com/pomonas/ I also suggest ordering some baguettes and have them waiting for you. It is about a half hour away. I don't know the status of the berries but this is right down the road from Pomona's http://home.earthlink.net/~yellowhill...
    They have great berries

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      Wow, Pomonas looks perfect! I was looking at Stocks on 2nd, and maybe The Firehouse as well however, Pomonas looks the most ideal as far as the price/what you get.


        1. re: PatrickG

          Bricco is an excellent but I was thinking price and distance to drive.

          1. re: pashibaboy

            good point. How far away would you say Bricco is from where I would be?

        2. re: pashibaboy

          +1 for Pomona's in Biglerville.

          Another option is Sidney in East Berlin. Expensive, but great food. Going in the opposite direction from Littlestown, I've read good things about Bud's at Silver Run in Westminster, MD, but can't vouch for them, as I've not eaten there myself. There are also a couple of decent spots in Gettysburg. Do a search on this Board for "Gettysburg" and you'll find some recommendations.

        3. Patrick, IMHO, I don't think you can go wrong hitting the square in Gettysburg for a visit to The Pub. We stop there anytime we're in the area.

          Very good menu, and there's a lot of variety. http://www.the-pub.com/

          With all respect to cheesemaestro, you should check Sidney's menu before you make the trip. I hear the preparation is sublime, but the menu is limited. http://www.restaurantsidney.com/menus...

          And finally, a place that really surprised us a few months ago was Scozzaro's, on Route 30 just outside New Oxford. It looks like a biker bar, but it's got surprisingly good food. http://www.scozzaros.com/menu.html