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Jul 13, 2010 09:10 AM

How sad is this dinner? (Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls)

The line was out the back door and the people kept fogging in. In theory I thought this was going to be a memorable lunch. It turned out memorable but for all the wrong reasons. The place is shabby but the turnover is fast so the wait is short. The waitress was friendly and efficient but she was a little to up front about the place. Was the corn fresh or frozen? Her response: Frozen, it would take forever to shuck this much corn. Really? Turns out nothing was fresh...I don't even think they bake their own pies although I could be wrong about that, we were so disappointed in the food that we didn't spring for the dessert! The okra was institutional and cold, the side salad was a real joke, about 1/2 handful straight out of a bag. The fries started out frozen and didn't get very hot however they were cooked. The catfish was abysmal, absolutely crappy for a diner of this renown. The open face chicken fried steak sandwich was the only thing that was half way decent that we ordered. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

Blue Bonnet Cafe
211 US Highway 281, Marble Falls, TX 78654

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  1. Go try Dahlia's Cafe in Liberty Hill. Fresh okra, fresh green beans, excellent chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken. Onion rings thick cut with a delicious thick breading. The special on the weekend is usually a knock-out. Anything from blackened tilapia with a mango haberno sauce and coconut rice to pork chops with blackberry BBQ sauce and roasted rosemary new potatoes. If you want a delicious down home diner, check this place out!

    I've never been to Bluebonnet Cafe but have always heard the breakfast is what they do right. I'll be interested to hear if this is true or if the place just lives on legend.

    1. The pies are homemade. And they are the only thing I usually order from Bluebonnet, other than I can't comment on the food much. But the pies, oh the pies!! I absofreakinglutely love their pies. Lemon meringue, pecan....chocolate meringue.....mmmm.

      1. Unless you are going there for pie (particularly their peanut butter pie) you're going there for the wrong reason.